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OGT Reading Prep 29 January 2009 Mrs A’s Elluminate Room.

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1 OGT Reading Prep 29 January 2009 Mrs A’s Elluminate Room

2 Agenda Reading Passages Questions How to Answer Preparing for the Test Tips Q & A

3 Reading Passages Poetry Fiction Non-Fiction Articles Advertisements Story or Part of a Story Letter Speech others **May Change 5 Passages** Passages may be long or short Paragraphs or Lines are marked

4 Some questions may refer to a specific passage. From Spring 04 test

5 Questions 44 Questions ** Multiple Choice (MC) Most of the questions will be MC Short Answer (SA) Usually 2 pts Extended Response (ER) Usually 4 pts **May Change

6 Types of Questions Vocabulary Look for context, definitions - Word analysis Reading Process Monitor self for comprehension Understand what’s going on

7 Types of Questions Informational, Technical, Persuasive Text Analyze for deeper meaning Look for opinions, attitudes, point of view Title (how it relates to the passage) Literary text Analyze for deeper understanding Conflicts, character, setting, plot, tone

8 How to Answer SA/ER - Address all parts of the question Make outline for ER Mark the passage Write legibly / fill circle completely Look for KEY WORDS


10 Multiple Choice Tips Try to answer without looking at response Look for key words Not, except, only Eliminate Wrongsies Look in passage 2004 Reading OGT

11 Short Answer Question and Scoring 2008 Reading OGT

12 Extended Response Question and Scoring 2004 Reading OGT

13 Preparing for the Test Course Polls Would U Rather Library - OGT Resources/Practice tests OGT Success Site

14 True or False You have 2 1/2 hours for the test

15 TRUE You have at least 2 1/2 hours. May have bio breaks Plan for at least 1 hour - This is YOUR diploma, your future on the line

16 True or False It’s OK to leave a blank answer

17 FALSE NEVER EvEr eVeR Leave an answer BLANK! Try to eliminate wrong answer on MC Guess if you have to. SA/ER - make an attempt

18 True or False You can write in your test booklet

19 TRUE You can write in the test booklet. Not penalized for marking the test booklet. Read the questions first - note the spot in the passage where the answer could be. ONE answer in answer document.

20 True or False You have to do the test in order

21 FALSE You do not have to do the test in order Preview the passage Preview the questions Easy ones first, star the ones that will take longer.

22 Tips Plan for at least 1 hour NO BLANK ANSWERS!!!! Preview the Passages & Questions Write in the Test booklet If you go out of order, double-check everything! Double-check Answer Docs

23 Q & A

24 PRIZES All in attendance - skip blog or lesson Door prize!!!!!

25 Good Luck!

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