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KWizCom SharePoint Calendar Plus

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1 KWizCom SharePoint Calendar Plus
Product Overview

2 What it does? SharePoint Calendars Aggregation, Team Calendars, Mini-Calendars - Now available in KWizCom Calendar Plus All-In-One solution!

3 Why did we create it? SharePoint calendars do not allow aggregation of events from different lists/sites There is no event coloring, drag &drop or tooltip options in a regular SharePoint web part displaying a calendar view There are no customization options for different time zones, no dynamic view toggling and no calendar printing option SharePoint does not allow Google calendars or Outlook web access calendars integration Events can not be integrated from any external applications like SAP/Oracle ERP systems Adding new events or editing existing ones is messy and requires redirection

4 Calendar Plus Key Features
Aggregate events from multiple SharePoint sites Connect to any required list type (not only "Events") Support list views - enabling you to aggregate list items defined by custom SharePoint list views Integration with SharePoint 'mini' Calendar and a Mini-calendar display mode Customizable, optional tooltip and customizable time display format Google style quick event creation and drag and drop Connect to Google calendars Connect to Outlook Web Access (OWA) calendars (Exchange 2003/2007) and display user's Outlook calendar

5 Calendar Plus Key Features cont.
Add events to Outlook from Calendar Plus web part Aggregates data from any legacy application using web services Event coloring according to event source and type Event coloring according to list property values Dynamic generated background colors for aggregated list levels Support dynamic URL tokens – tokens such as [current site] enable you to use the Calendar Plus web part in a site template using relative URL Asynchronous events loading – A MUST when you have MANY events to display - all events are loaded without delaying the loading of the SharePoint site Calendar printing and more…

6 SharePoint Calendar Plus is part of:
KWizCom SP Collaboration Bundle Web Content Management Bundle KWizCom SP Project Management Bundle

7 Quick product feature tour

8 This is how the List Calendar Plus web part looks
All the SharePoint calendar menu options are available with additional improvements Calendar Plus allows aggregation of events into one calendar display from different lists (not necessarily events lists!)

9 Calendar plus allows tooltips displaying the desired details of the events

10 Time zones are customizable to answer the needs of global organizations

11 Easily toggle between calendar and table views!
This is how the table view display is presented, notice that the event coloring is preserved Easily toggle between calendar and table views!

12 Click ‘New’ to create a new event on any connected list you choose
You can also create an event by clicking on the desired date and enter the main event details (time, title and location- Google calendar style) Click ‘New’ to create a new event on any connected list you choose

13 Dropping the event at the desired date changed the event date details automatically in the hosting list! To change the event date you can simply drag and drop the event to a different date

14 Notice the preview pop-up and all the OS printing definitions appear
Print the calendar!

15 Clicking edit will allow you to change the event properties in the hosting list (changes will also take affect on the web part) To view/edit the properties of an event simply click on it and get a pop-up with the event details (no redirection!)

16 You may want to display the aggregated calendar in a ‘mini’ display or integrate it with SharePoint mini calendar (which appears on calendar lists) Notice the color indicators that mark the number of events per day on the mini display Hovering over any date will present the details of the events scheduled for that date

17 At any point you can add more event lists to the aggregated calendar
Birthdays may also be integrated from external HR applications (using web service providers)

18 Outlook web access calendars are also available with Calendar Plus!
Google calendars may be integrated into SharePoint calendars

19 Aggregate external calendars and present them using all the powerful coloring and categorizing abilities of Calendar Plus!

20 At any point you can modify the web part settings by choosing the modify option on the web parts menu

21 So Lets see how we accomplished all this…
This is the List Calendar Plus settings interface The settings are divided into categories so you can easily find the settings you want to edit Especially useful for calendars with many events, choose this option to reduce loading time Choose the display style of the Calendar Choose the display method of the event details between a new window, the same window, or the events daily display

22 General settings cont. you can change the default template file of the web part Change the display styles of the calendar and the table views Apply your own custom CSS file to the web part (it should be use the classes specified in the CalendarPlusCustom.css

23 Calendar View settings
Define the number of elements to display on the web parts interface Define the preferred time display, according to the formats specified in the following comment Choose the display style of the Calendar Choose the work days of the week

24 Calendar View settings
After specifying the work days you can choose to hide non-working days Choose the start and end time for work days For the weekly/daily views choose the amount of slots to designate per hour

25 Toolbar& Size settings
You may entirely remove the options toolbar from the web parts display You can choose to merge the calendar toolbar menu with the header to create one overall menu To save space choose to display partial names of days/months You can define a fixed size to the web part and adjust the calendar to the web parts size

26 Mini Calendar settings
Check this to allow a tooltip with the events details while hovering over it Choose to display today’s details and the position of the details box

27 Table View settings Allow a tooltip with the events details to appear while hovering over the event Add you own values to be displayed instead of the names of SharePoint/OWA/custom Services fields

28 Table View settings At any point you can edit or delete your custom field names Create custom table views with a display span customization Choose the range of dates to display, you can make the span dynamic by using tokens and calculations like demonstrated

29 OWA settings To add OWA calendars insert the server name followed by ‘/exchange’ You may choose to load only public and shared outlook calendars You may use the outlook categories in the calendars display Choose the outlook field that will appear on the event tooltip

30 Enter the desired OWA calendar name
OWA settings Enter the desired OWA calendar name Specify the background and text colors to use for the outlook calendars events display Use default login credentials or specify a username and password to load the OWA calendar

31 SharePoint Calendar Lists settings
To add SharePoint lists to the aggregated calendar choose first the site name which hosts the desired list Choose the list name and the view according to which the events will be presented Use dynamic generated colors to display the current lists events or define your own

32 SharePoint Calendar Lists settings
Choose the fields to be displayed in the details tooltip For non-calendar lists match the list fields with calendar fields note that you must specify the title, start and end dated

33 Custom Web Service settings
Specify the full URL to the desired custom web service Enter parameters to send to the web service provider, you may use free text of the specified here tokens

34 Google Calendar settings
Enter the full URL to the desired Google Calendar Apply meeting categories and coloring settings for the events display

35 Adding New Items settings
Allow creation of new items on the hosting list using the web part’s options Choose on which connected lists to allow adding items Allow quick event adding and editing (drag and drop), as applied on Google calendars

36 Color Indicator settings
Allow color indicators for the number of events- especially useful for the mini calendar display Define the desired colors to mark each day according to the number of events

37 Time Zone settings For global organizations that work in different time zones allow time zone selection Mark the time zones that should appear in the selection or leave the time zones unmarked to present them all

38 Language settings KWizCom products are designed to have multilingual support Mark the right to left direction checkbox to present right to left languages Define for each button/function the caption in the desired language

39 Calendar Plus usage scenarios
Enterprise and team calendars Create an aggregated calendar from events located on different list and sites. Integration of external calendars Display Google and OWA calendars in your SharePoint portal as well as events from external applications like employee birthdays pulled from your SAP/Oracle ERP systems. Mini Calendars Present aggregated calendars in a ‘mini’ display mode and integrate Calendar Plus with SharePoint mini calendars. Globalized events display Use the Time- zone customization options to make the enterprise calendar relevant to users all across the globe.

40 About KWizCom KWizCom Business Card Fields of expertise: Competencies:
Founded in 2005 Headquartered in Toronto Global provider of add-ons and services 3000+ customers worldwide Business Target: Deliver innovative and cost-effective add-ons, enabling customers to deploy excellent Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM solutions faster than ever and at no risk. Fields of expertise: Microsoft Office SharePoint Microsoft Project server Microsoft Dynamics CRM Competencies: Gold Certified Partner ISV Information Worker

41 Thank You! Contact us:

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