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Tutorial Home Improvement Reference Center

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1 Tutorial Home Improvement Reference Center

2 Welcome to EBSCO’s Home Improvement Reference Center tutorial. Home Improvement Reference Center is a comprehensive, easy-to-use database that provides detailed "how-to" information about thousands of home improvement and repair projects, from plumbing and wiring to painting and decorating. Home Improvement Reference Center features full-text content from leading home improvement books and magazines, images not found anywhere else online, and how-to videos of popular home repair projects. In this tutorial, we will look at how to conduct a basic search from the home page as well as how to browse by category.

3 Looking to install recessed lighting in your kitchen? Begin your search in Home Improvement Reference Center from the Basic Search screen. Simply enter your search term(s) in the Find field and click the Search button.

4 By default, your search results will appear in order of relevance, but you can also sort articles by source, author, or date. Click on a Full Text link to view the full text article, or click the title to view details about the article. Don’t have time to read it now? Sign In to your personal account and click the Add to Folder link to save the article to your personal folder. If at any time you wish to return to the home page, click the product logo.

5 You can also browse Home Improvement Reference Center from the Home Page in other ways. The Toolbox provides helpful links for handy homeowners. Here you’ll find How-To Videos, Conversion Charts, and a Glossary. The Project Spotlight area highlights key content, and the topic is rotated on a regular basis. The Browse by Category area allows you to peruse articles by project type. Looking for some creative landscaping ideas? Begin by clicking the Decorating category.

6 On the next screen, you’ll see a list of topics related to Decorating. Click a topic (for example, Creative Landscapes) to expand a list of Project Sub-topics. Continue to navigate through the Project Subtopics until you reach your desired topic. Click the link to display the article or step-by-step instructional document.

7 PDF full text displays in the PDF Full Text Viewer. From here, you can Print, E-mail, Cite, Export, or Add the result to your Folder by clicking the corresponding icons under the Tools menu on the right. You can print or save the article to your computer by using the icons found in the Adobe Reader toolbar. To see citation and summary information for the article, click Detailed Record.

8 To view the complete online Help system, click the Help link at the top right of the Home Improvement Reference Center home screen.


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