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Roman Empire WebQuest Click here to see where Ancient Rome was located, and to watch it here grow! Make sure you scroll down to see the MAP KEY!!!! *right.

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1 Roman Empire WebQuest Click here to see where Ancient Rome was located, and to watch it here grow! Make sure you scroll down to see the MAP KEY!!!! *right under Summary

2 Introduction You are going to place yourself back in the times of Ancient Rome. Pretend that you and your group members boarded a time-machine and found yourselves on the Roads of Rome. During your journey, you are to each choose a role to fulfill. When the roles are decided, click the appropriate link on the following slide to discover your task! Remember, all slides contain links with appropriate information to complete tasks!!! (check the pictures for links too!)

3 Your Task Roman Soldier Roman Soldier Olympian Senator Historian

4 Roman Soldier Welcome to your task Roman Soldier. Your goal is to discover what it is like to be a soldier in the Roman Army, and share this information with your classmates Browse the websites and record at least four facts for each of the following: –Equipment –Life of a soldier –Strategies and why the Roman Army was so successful/powerful. Sites: 1 2 3 4 512345

5 Historian An historian studies the history, geography, and daily life of a certain culture. Pay attention to these areas as you explore your sites. In your quest, answer the following questions. Daily Life and Leisure in Rome - family life, houses, education, weddings, important days, and the life of the people. Sites to Explore: 123456123456 –Would you like to live in the houses of Ancient Rome? Why or why not? –What are some differences between the Roman lifestyle and today's lifestyle? How is your school different from or similar to the children's education that is discussed here? –Read the section about how Romans spent their leisure time. Do you notice any differences between how Romans spent their free time and how you spend yours? Do you approve of how they spent their free time? –What are some of the things Romans did for fun? –What did Romans see when they went to the Ampitheater? –What are some things that are the same between Ancient Rome and our lives today? –What are some things that are different? –What did the Romans do at the baths? –Do we have a place like the Roman baths for people to enjoy today? –What is the largest Roman bath? How big is it? Roman Geography - one of the most important parts of your role is to know where in the world Rome is located. Use the maps to locate Rome and learn more about the geographic features (land). –Where is Rome located? Map 1Map 2Map 3Map 1Map 2Map 3 –Where did most Romans live? –What is a forum? ForumForum

6 Olympian An Olympian is someone who comes from the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus. Many of the Greek Gods are very similar to that of the Roman Gods. You are to research both and complete the tasks below. Click on the Animated Zeus to read about Greek Gods, and the Dove to discover information pertaining to the Roman Gods. The picture (link) in the middle compares the two. Be sure to include at least 3 facts, and Greek names for the following Roman Gods: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Minerva and Juno. List at least 5 differences between Roman and Greek Gods. List at least 5 similarities between Roman and Greek Gods.

7 Senator Ancient Rome’s government changed as it evolved from a Republic to an Empire. Your job as Senator is to learn about and inform your other group members all about Rome’s government; including senators, emperors, and the connections between their government then, and the United States government today. Questions to answer: 1. Name all the different ways in which Rome was ruled from beginning to end (at least 3 ways). 2. How were senators elected? Who could and could not vote in these elections? Were women allowed to vote in Ancient Rome? 3. When Rome became an empire, who was the leader? Were there still senators? 4. Why did the Romans want to have an Emperor? 5. Do you think American laws about voting should be like the Ancient Roman times, or do you agree with today's laws? Why or why not? 6. How do you think an American woman from today would feel if she had to live back in Ancient Roman times? 7. How was the Roman government similar to the the United States government? 8. Why is it important that the Senators are chosen by the people? “Click the Pics for websites!!!” Wiki- Rome

8 Conclusion Upon completing your individual task, you now have to share your findings with the three other group members. Provide them with sufficient information in order for them to understand the role and importance pertaining to your “specialty.” Congratulations! You are now a very important part of Roman History. Share the knowledge you learned with others outside of your group to spread great facts about Ancient Rome!

9 Evaluation You will all be evaluated in three ways. 1.By me, using the rubric on the next slide. 2.By yourselves, in your own reflection/self- evaluation (2 slides away). 3.By your classmates, using the peer-evaluation rubric (3 slides away).

10 Teacher Rubric Name:1234 Information/ Clarity Ideas are scattered and unclear Some important facts given, some missing info Most important facts given, little missing info Clearly stated and accurate, all info is present Behavior/ On-Task Off-task, no participation Slightly off- task, no group participation Slightly off- task, limited group participation On-task, participated with other group members Content/ Purpose No task or goal was reached Some of the task was completed Most of the task was completed Task was completed correctly Presentation to group members/ Observation No participation was observed Lacked necessary information in presentation Info was accurate, but missing some important facts All the info presented was accurate and goal was reached Students assessed via observation from the teacher during project time.

11 Self-Evaluation Answer the following questions and provide a paragraph describing your experience and feelings about the WebQuest. –Did you enjoy your role? –Were you successful in accomplishing your task? –Do you think your group members have a better understanding of your “specialty” after your presentation?

12 Peer Evaluation Answer the following questions truthfully, with good thought. Circle the more appropriate answer (YES or NO). YES/NO 1. Information presented was relevant to Ancient Rome. YES/NO 2. The presenter spoke loud and clear, and made eye contact. YES/NO 3. You understood the information presented. YES/NO 4. The presenter completed their task. YES/NO 5. The presenter took their time and did not rush. YES/NO 6. The presenter answered the questions as well as they could. YES/NO 7. The information presented was well-organized. YES/NO 8. The presenter showed good subject knowledge (knew what they were talking about). YES/NO 9. Presenter used good Poise, Body Language and Enthusiasm. YES/NO 10. The presenter told the topic/title and gave background information for their presentation. Name of presenter:_______________________ Name of evaluator:_______________________

13 Resources Roman_Empire_map.gif ducation/projects/webquests/rome/ Google images

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