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Distractions or Helpful tools. HTC Hero iPod Touch eBook Reader Laptop.

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1 Distractions or Helpful tools

2 HTC Hero iPod Touch eBook Reader Laptop

3 ● iPod Touch: music, video, PDF version ebooks, news readers, games, etc How I use them ● HTC Hero: phone, schedule, news readers, microblogging, GPS navigation, etc ● eBook Reader: reading ● Laptop: almost everything

4 Music & Video Music: English Listenings Audio News Updates Songs ………… Video: Any video file Video Converter Compatible files with your particular devices

5 eBook Reader Almost any smart device supports PDF/doc/txt files Reading or Consuming time PDF files: Documents Virtual PDF Printer PDF Converter Save-as-pdf plugin for Microsoft Word PDF files

6 News Reader 1. Through a Web Browser ● Inefficient (website addresses, searching for interesting news, etc) ● The switch between pages & websites is annoying ● It’s not instant How to improve?

7 2. RSS Subscription / RSS Feed What is RSS RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication 内容聚合 ) is A family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. Definition on Wikipedia:

8 Through the RSS feed, you can ● Subscribe a group of information at one time ● Keep track with the updates instantly and automatically ● Read all your subscriptions in a single RSS reader RSS Reader Internet Connection

9 Google Reader Compatible with computerPortable devices

10 3. Specifically designed applications ● Applications for RSS Subscription ● Specifically designed readers ● Any other interesting applications App Store Android Market

11 Schedule

12 Synchronize Google Calendar with your portable devices An Android Phone Other Portable Devices + Applications Web Browser

13 Others Twitter GPS Games …………

14 Content deleted due to copyright concerns, for the original PPT designed by Mr. Pan, please go to:





19 Distractions or Helpful tools

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