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Serial Solutions Your Solution to Finding Journals in the Library’s Electronic Collection.

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1 Serial Solutions Your Solution to Finding Journals in the Library’s Electronic Collection

2 Serial Solutions is… Serials Solutions is a database that contains all the records of our many electronic journal providers such as ProQuest and Ebsco. Instead of having to search ProQuest and then Ebsco separately to find a particular journal you can do this in one place. The time saved and the information provided by Serial Solutions are two of the benefits.

3 Serial Solutions The other benefits of Serials solutions are: Find out if Bryant has full text access to a particular electronic journal title. Link directly to the content of that title. You can also determine the source database (i.e. Proquest, EBSCO) and see its content. You can see what electronic journals Bryant has access to by subject.

4 Using Serials Solutions From the Library Homepage click on Electronic Resources.

5 From the alphabetical A-Z list click on S.

6 You will be directed down to the S listing of databases. Find the link to Serial Solutions and Click on it!

7 Searching Serial Solutions There is a pull down menu to the left which defaults to title begins with. You can explore the other options by using the downward arrow. The choices are, title equals, title contains all words and search by ISSN. The ISSN number is a unique number given to each journal title similar to the ISBN which a unique number for every book published.

8 Searching Serial Solutions You may also want to browse by Title or by Subject.

9 Full Text Searching In our example we will search for the popular business journal Fortune!

10 Full Text for Fortune The gold text links to the database. The black text determines the date range.

11 Choosing Your Database What you are viewing are all the databases that contain the journal Fortune. The date ranges covered are displayed. The publication date of the article can be of importance at this time, in order to get the article you want, choose the appropriate date range Here you make a decision on which database to choose

12 I chose Academic Search Premier Publications.


14 Additional Information on Serial Solutions Once you click the link to the database you have left Serial Solutions. In this example we are using the Ebsco database Academic Search Premier. Once you choose the appropriate database you will be taken to a search interface where you may search by issue. (prior page)

15 Advanced Searching To save time click the advanced search button In the first search box type in Fortune and from the pull down arrow select Journal Name. In the second box type in the title of the article and choose Title. Note the terminology may change slightly in the different databases.

16 Additional Information The Reference Staff of the Library offer training on various databases throughout the academic year. Please checkout the following site to learn more. Instruction and Training: Fall 2006

17 Contact Information Although we do not offer instruction on Serial Solutions weekly, you may always meet with a Reference Librarian to learn any of our Electronic Resources. Please contact us in person, by phone, email or real-time chat.

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