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2 Write these questions down & answer them as you go through the slides.
What are at least 5 reasons it is important for teenagers to get plenty of dairy? Why is chocolate milk a nutritious choice? What other drink is chocolate milk a good substitute for? Summarize why milk is so important (nutrition information). What is lactose intolerance, and what can be done about it?

3 Questions (cont.) What is pasteurization? What is homogenization?
How is cheese made? What is scald? What is scorch?

4 Basic DAIRY Facts 9 out of 10 teenage girls & 7 out of 10 teenage boys do not get enough calcium Between 9 & 18 years of age bones need lots of calcium to grow (1300 mg/day) Dairy products are the best way to get the needed calcium. More dairy=Stronger bones

5 DAIRY NUTRITION Milk is a great source of nutrients.
It's easily absorbed by the body, Has a very high calcium content, Helps build strong teeth & prevent cavities Contains other essential bone-building nutrients. Low-fat and nonfat milk pack the same nutritional punch as regular milk, but with fewer calories.

Chocolate milk is good at helping athletes recover from intense workouts. Chocolate milk is high in carbohydrate and protein making it an excellent alternative to commercially available sports drinks. Chocolate milk is great fuel for young athletes and it is readily available – best taken AFTER to replenish!

7 Why is MILK so important?
Calcium-rich: A mineral stored in bones and teeth to support structure. Fortified: Vitamins A and D are added to milk. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, which you need for strong bones. Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and boosts your immune system. Prevents Osteoporosis: a disease in which bones weaken and become porous instead of solid and strong.

8 DAIRY Lactose: a special sugar found naturally in milk.
Lactose intolerant: someone who can’t digest this sugar. Alternatives & digestive aids are available. Curdle: small curds form if milk gets too hot. The solids separate from the liquid, called whey.

9 How MILK is processed Raw milk: not heated, includes bacteria
Pasteurized: heated to kill bacteria Homogenized: mechanical treatment to keep the cream from separating out of milk. Fermented or cultured: bacteria are added to change the sugar and acid to make cheese, yogurt and buttermilk.

10 Cooking Dairy Products
High in protein: use low temp, cook for short time. Scorch = means to burn Scald = just below boiling, activates enzymes. Use a double boiler to cook milk.

11 CALCIUM * remember * 9 out of 10 teenage girls don’t get enough calcium on a daily basis 7 out of 10 teenage boys don’t get enough calcium on a daily basis


(write these questions down to answer from the video) Name 2 things your bones need to be strong? Why is it important to get calcium while you are young? Food/drinks can you add to your diet now to increase calcium intake? What can happen to you and your body if you don’t get enough calcium?

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