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Specialist Physical & Mental Health Private Rehabilitation Services.

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1 Specialist Physical & Mental Health Private Rehabilitation Services

2 Physical and Mental Health Challenges in the UK Population  15 million people in UK have long term conditions which is rising rapidly. 2007 to 2011 Hypertension has increased by 11%, stroke by 9%, Mental Health by 15%, diabetes by 25% and dementia by 25%.  There are now nearly 14.7 million people in the UK aged 60 and above.  The number of people aged 60 or over is expected to pass the 20 million mark by 2030.  About a third of all people aged over 65 fall each year.  Delirium is very common. General Medical patients 20 – 30% Surgical patients 10 – 50% Care Home 14%

3 The Psychological Impact of Physical Illness  One quarter of people with physical illness develops Mental Health problems.  Mental Health problems have an adverse effects on a variety of health outcomes in patients with medical conditions, but detection rate are low, people do not receive appropriate treatment for their mental health problems.  Patients with LTC are at increased risk of depression and vice versa. Depression increases the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.  Mental disorder = poor outcome e.g. increase mortality, loss of independent function, higher rate of institutionalisation and increased cost.  Lack of funding and lack of expertise in the community exacerbate poor recovery outcomes.

4 Comprehensive assessments Personalised Treatment Plans Physical & Mental Health Specialists Community Based / Care Home Settings Working closely with Patients & families Liaising with external agencies including GP Inpatient & Out patients facilities in Harrow & Hillingdon Training & Educational sessions for staff & families

5 Types of Services We Provide  Post Operative Recovery / Rehabilitation  Neuro – Rehabilitation  Pulmonary Rehabilitation  Cognitive Rehabilitation  Anxiety and Depression Management  Integrated Falls Programme  Respite Care and Step Down Care  Low Intensity Rehabilitation & Well Being Packages

6 PURE Team A team of highly experienced Health Care Professionals:  Consultant Physicians  Specialist Mental Health Nurse  Consultant Geriatricians  General Practitioner  Consultant Psychiatrists  Dementia Nurse  Consultant Psychologists  Support Worker  Chartered Physiotherapists  Massage Therapist  Occupational Therapists  Pharmacist  Nurse Consultant

7 What makes PURE unique?  MDT includes both Physical and Mental Health Specialists  PURE can treat and manage Patients presenting with Challenging Behaviour including Delirium & BPSD  High Skill Mix means Better Treatment Outcomes e.g. combined therapy and mental health input with persistent approach leads to improvement in conditions  Detailed Timely Assessment and Customised Care Plans to suit individual needs

8 Case Examples: ES – 81 year old lady. Admitted from the hospital with repair of shoulder facture. History of dementia, presenting with BPSD. Was living at home with husband as a main carer. Had not been mobilized since last 3-4 years. Rehab included twice daily physio and psychiatric input. Good outcomes, mood and behaviour improved. Mobilized with zimmer frame. MJ - 79 year old lady with vascular dementia, BPSD and marked expressive dysphasia. Admitted to PURE following right knee replacement surgery. Therapy included twice daily physio & behavioural management plan. Patient improved physically and mentally. JH – 68 year old lady with 8months history of low mood and social isolation. Underwent comprehensive psychological assessment. Therapy included behavioural activation plan + pharmacological review. Patient returned to normal daily living.

9 Thank You ! Any Questions? Contact details:

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