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LSA Audit 2012/13. How satisfied were you with the following ?

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1 LSA Audit 2012/13




5 How satisfied were you with the following ?







12 Please prioritise the listed functions of supervision of midwives in order of importance












24 Please rate your confidence in the following :






30 How do you work in partnership with women ?



33 Are you confident in supporting midwives requiring:


35 What have you found rewarding/challenging in being a Supervisor in the last 12 months? Being able to influence and change individual/midwives practice. Rewarding - Providing support to a midwife on developmental practice and to the midwife mentor supporting her Challenging - Individuals that repeat the same mistakes. Finding the time as a clinical supervisor to arrange supervisory reviews. Although there is protected time, it doesn't always fit in with supervisees. Supporting midwives through adverse incidents Rewarding supporting midwives & debriefing midwives Lack of time Women's feedback following successful outcomes Positive staff feedback following incident review Nurturing the enthusiasm and vitality of newly qualified midwives and learning how to transfer that to midwives in the twilight of their career. A challenge has been to move the perception of supervision as being punitive. i find it a challenge to accommodate my supervisory work at times as i do not have dedicated time but work it into my role a challenge to ensuring midwives can clearly see the distinction i make between managerial and supervisory roles supporting women in their choices and supporting midwives

36 How have you demonstrated your leadership skills as a supervisor? As contact supervisor for the Group leading the team to develop and implement iniatives to change practice Facilitating and arranging reflective practice sessions. Maintaining high personal and professional standards Promoting women centered care - supporting midwives and medical staff by providing guidance in my role as a supervisor and in my clinical role as labour ward coordinator empowering midwives and support through high sickness levels Writing guidelines Challenging staffing issues through supervision Making Supervision a specific agenda item within the Trust governance structure Pushing the boundaries of the SOM agenda making sure SOMs contribute to external committees Given SOMs responsibility to actively seek Women's views and report through governance Promoting normality within the team. by supporting midwives daily and through the on call rota as required

37 How do you as a SoM promote women centered care ? Through support of midwives to promote and facilitate women's choice I have visited women at home wanting home births against professional advice, developed action plans with them and the midwives involved. I give women centered care as a clinical midwife and try to ensure/encourage colleagues do the same as a labour ward coordinator Listening to women's views through patient stories and acting upon their thoughts facilitating choices on delivery of care and place of delivery conducted patient stories then acted upon them. Through ensuring guidelines and midwives are up to date and provide evidence based care Individual discussion with midwives Support staff to contribute to unit philosophy Ensure Women's view's are heard by supporting patient stories Ensure policy documents are written to support the choice agenda Guideline development, bringing the focus back to the woman and her experience. Care provision management; facilitating choice for venue. By being actively involved in cases of birth against medical advice

38 Please give any other comments you have about supervision in your unit Supervision would be enhanced with the addition of SOM from outside the Trust. We work well as a small but effective group. I feel that there is a focus on moving forward and a willingness to be better and improve care for women and support for midwives We are a small group of supervisors who work effectively as a team ensuring high standards are met very supportive team that work together to provide Challenging Supervision is very proactive within the unit with all SOM,s actively participating in the annual action plan. Each SOM is recognized and respected for their individual strengths I feel as a smaller unit our team of supervisors is able to function in a non hierarchical way providing support for each other and for all the midwives. I feel we are a cohesive group that work well together

39 Please comment on what further assistance the LSA could provide for you Promote supervision for the Trust. Continued support, Study days I feel that the support & assistance is there vat a high level so no improvement needed. I believe the LSA is proactive and supportive and have been personally happy with their contribution Maybe facilitating more networking with other SOMs from within and beyond this LSA. The study days are excellent so please continue.


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