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Dr. Supalak Khemthong Psychosocial Occupational Therapist

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1 Dr. Supalak Khemthong Psychosocial Occupational Therapist




5  Internal conditions (persons experienced being in recovery): hope, healing, empowerment, and connection  External conditions: implementation of the principle of human rights, a positive culture of healing, and recovery-oriented services ◦ services directed at symptom relief  crisis intervention  case management ◦ Rehabilitation ◦ Enrichment  rights protection  basic support  self-help

6  Community Based Rehabilitation, CBR + RM ◦ Club House Model – Need Program Evaluation  Role of Peer Specialists ◦ Having Lived Mental Health Experience ◦ Develop Relationships with Clients – Need Staffs’ Trainings  Teaching in mental health students ◦ MD, NR, OT, PSY, etc.  Possible relationship between increasing mindfulness and increasing work engagement, but no effect for 6-12 months.

7  Existing Programs ◦ Program evaluation for Effectiveness ◦ Evidence Based Practice  Integration of Programs ◦ Purposeful Activities ◦ Outcome Measurements ◦ Period of Time, Staffing, Team building ◦ Clinical Reasoning (Scientific/Procedural) ◦ Role of Peer Specialists ◦ Guidelines for Implementation

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