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Unscramble the names of the two families

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1 Unscramble the names of the two families
Lesson objectives: To understand the main players in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ To investigate the relationships between the characters in the play Starter task: Unscramble the names of the two families ONMATEUG CPTLAUE

2 Complete these sentences
Plot Review Complete these sentences Romeo and Juliet meet when The Friar marries Romeo and Juliet Romeo is then involved in a fight with Mecutio dies and this leads to Romeo Romeo is banished and Juliet is made to marry She tricks her family by Unfortunately, in the end

3 Meet the characters

4 In Verona, Italy in the late 1500's, two powerful families the Montagues and the Capulets have been fighting with each other for years.

5 Romeo * The hero in Romeo and Juliet, son of Old Montague.
* When he meets Capulet's daughter Juliet, he falls instantly in love with her. * His two closest friends are Benvolio and Mercutio…

6 Benvolio * Nephew of Montague and friend to Romeo.
* He has huge loyalty to his friends and family. * He is a sensible and trustworthy young man

7 Montague * Head of one of the most powerful and rich families in Verona. * This character is the enemy of Capulet, but a good father to his son.

8 Lady Montague * Not a very important character is the play * She is a loving mother who adores her son and dies of a broken heart when Romeo is sent away

9 In Verona, Italy in the late 1500's, two powerful families the Montagues and the Capulets have been fighting with each other for years.

10 Juliet * The thirteen-year-old daughter of Capulet * Begins the play as an innocent and gentle girl, who always listen to her parents. * Juliet was raised by her nanny who is her closest friend

11 * Honour and his family mean a lot to this character.
Tybalt * Cousin to Juliet. * Tybalt is vain and fashionable, who can also be violent, aggressive and quick to draw his sword when he feels his pride has been injured. * Honour and his family mean a lot to this character.

12 Capulet * The head of the Capulet family and enemy of Montague. * Capulet is a stubborn old man, who is used to getting his own way

13 Lady Capulet * Lady Capulet wants her daughter to marry Paris, for money rather than love * She loves her daughter but is not close to her

14 The In-Between Players!
Nurse: * The woman who has cared for Juliet her entire life. * She is Juliet’s friend, but does not support Juliet’s Friar Lawrence: * Friend to both Romeo and Juliet * He secretly marries the young lovers in the hope that the marriage might bring peace to Verona (where the play is set) * Is a holy man who makes the plan to try and save Romeo and Juliet Mercutio: * Best friend to Romeo, on the side of the Montagues. * Very hot headed and passionate.

15 The In-Between Players!
Paris: * He is handsome and polite and a favourite to the Capulet family. * Juliet’s parents arrange for Juliet to marry Paris when they do not realise she is still married to Romeo Prince Escalus: * The most powerful man in Verona, who wants peace

16 Name the family as one of your clues
Who am I? Come up with 5 clues about your character Name the family as one of your clues

17 Your task: Themes and Characters
In your books draw a grid with the five key emotions down the side. Then write down three events that fit with your emotion and two characters you think link to this emotion Explain WHY- why does your events link to your emotion and why do your characters link to your event.

18 Plenary 1- A character from Romeo and Juliet 2-Important events in Romeo and Juliet with explanations. 3- Examples of loyalty in Romeo and Juliet.

19 Quick revision…Acts 1-3 Two families are f……………….. They have been for as long as anyone can remember. The Capulet family have a p………..……. Romeo who is a M…………..… sneaks in and falls in love with J………………….. who is a Capulet. They meet on the b…………..…….. and decide to marry. Tybalt is Juliet’s c……….………and sees Romeo at the party. After the wedding, T…………………. wants to fight Romeo, but Romeo won’t fight him. His friend M………………..….does instead and Tybalt kills him. Romeo is furious and ……………...Tybalt himself, killing him.

20 Quick revision…Acts 4-5 Because R……. Killed Tybalt, he is then banished by P……E…… and in forced to leave V…….. Meanwhile, L…….. C……… forces his daughter to accept the proposal of P……. Juliet is so upset, she visits F………..L………….., and they create a plan where Juliet will seem d……. and she can therefore be f……. of the marriage; leaving her and Romeo together. Juliet takes the potion and appears dead. She is laid in the Capulet t…… Romeo receives news on Juliet’s death and believes her dead. He returns to Verona, and after killing P…….., drinks some p……… and dies next to Juliet. On awaking and finding her love dead, Juliet takes a d…….. and she too dies. The Capulets and Montagues then become friends

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