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Economic Development and the Skills Shortage in British Columbia Skills Challenge 2020.

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1 Economic Development and the Skills Shortage in British Columbia Skills Challenge 2020

2 The British Columbia Economic Development Association is the lead association of economic development practitioners, dedicated to providing services in support of its members, their professional development needs, activities, profile and economic development goals. BCEDA

3 The BCEDA is comprised of 400 members that include: Communities Associations Government sectors & representatives Consultants Private Sector Real Estate/Development Trusts Partners (BC Hydro, Fortis, Wedler Engineering, etc)

4 Business Retention and Expansion Business Attraction Tourism Small Business and Entrepreneurship Strategic Planning Partnership Development Workforce Development Typical Economic Development Functions

5 Workforce development has become of the most important ED issues because: Knowledge has become the driving force of economic growth There is a lack of skilled labour Demand is increasing for skilled labour Critical demographic shifts Policy changes (Federal and Provincial) Workforce Development – The Economic Development Connection

6 Workforce availability factors, especially in high skill areas drives business location, development, and expansion decisions For Economic Development

7 To connect workforce and economic development issues communities must: Combine/coordinate job creation and job placement activities more tightly Find ways to involve business sector Make better use of labour market and other relevant information (BR+E) Community Economic Development

8 Workforce development partnerships should focus on: Serving needs of communities and existing businesses Make better use of community assets and resources (colleges and universities) Improving community’s overall economic development Economic Development

9 Prince George Economic Development & Workforce Expansion Program Heather Oland, Chief Executive Officer Initiatives Prince George

10 IPG’s Role In Recruitment Increase local and regional work force capacity Attracting new population growth to our city Development and implementation of a comprehensive population growth marketing campaign Development and implementation of a city wide recruitment plan Organize IPG’s attendance with local employers at job fairs across Canada Develop marketing collaterals for use by local employers

11 Online Job Fairs Funding provided by Immigration Employment Council of BC – thank you! Designed to connect employers in Prince George with skilled new Canadians living in Metro Vancouver. Eliminate the costs associated with traditional job fairs. Conduct strategic, targeted marketing in the Lower Mainland

12 Online Job Fairs The platform offered the following features: –Pre-job fair resume submission option –Pre-scheduled interviews –Voice and text chat options –Navigation page which listed all of the employers –A virtual booth for each business Included a description of the company and a listing of jobs offered –Prince George Information Page Included information, web links, photos and videos

13 Online Job Fair Results Online Job Fair 1 (June 2013) –1171 job seekers attended the job fair –13 companies had booths at the job fair –71.36% of job seekers were from Metro Vancouver Online Job Fair 2 (November 2013) –1900 job seekers attended the job fair –16 companies had booths at the job fair –78% of job seekers were from Metro Vancouver 57% of all participants were new Canadians

14 A large number of new hires in next six years will require a post-secondary education Most employers do not have a plan Local labour force unable to meet needs (47% do not have formal education) Central Okanagan

15 Formalize/maintain a formal group to oversee human resource issues in the region. Continue to develop and foster a means for employers to communicate their training needs to the training bodies New Economic Development Strategies Targeted recruitment/attraction strategies. Central Okanagan - Recommendations

16 Annual labour market data collection Develop a strategy to attract recent graduates of BC post-secondary institutions Increased basic skills training to prepare the unemployed for skill upgrading Develop strategies to assist the innovation and emerging high technology industries in the Okanagan Region Central Okanagan - Recommendations

17 Proposing to complete a Labour Market Study. Activities to include: – Analysis of human resource supply and demand in the region – Identification of trends and emerging issues – Forecast of expected human resource supply and demand – Identification of skills gaps, training requirements and barriers to hiring and retaining – appropriate human resources (including specific population groups); and, – Development of a human resource plan to address the identified labour market issues. Kamloops

18 Live Here Work There BC BusinessCounts Other examples

19 Workforce development training will continue to play a critical role well into the future because the economy will continue to: Experience major changes Have increasing need for skilled labour Conclusion

20 Workforce development training is a partnership effort that needs the active involvement and leadership of: Business Local government Local EDO Educational system Conclusion

21 To help overcome Skill Shortages we need to: Focus on both short and long term, respond to local conditions Be flexible and adaptable to changing economic conditions Conclusion

22 Together we must : Establish local based workforce development boards Adopt a shared vision Organize and Collaborate with Partners in Education and Business Conclusion

23 Economic Developers recognize that long-term economic success in a community depends on their ability to create, attract and retain an educated and skilled workforce. BCEDA

24 Contact: Dale Wheeldon BCEDA

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