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APA Referencing Style Using Insert Citation in MS Word 2007

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1 APA Referencing Style Using Insert Citation in MS Word 2007
A Student’s New Best Friend

2 APA Referencing Style What do we mean by “reference your sources?” We mean that you indicate where the information in your reports came from.

3 APA Referencing Style Why is it important to reference your sources?
Your teachers want to know what you read and used to write your reports. It shows your teacher that you did a lot of work for your report. It is honest and good scholarship.

4 APA Referencing Style F What if you do not reference your sources ?
This is stealing the work of an author or plagiarism. It is a form of cheating. HCT does not tolerate students who cheat. You will lose marks or be asked to leave the college. F

5 APA Referencing Style What does APA mean?
American Psychological Association, a professional organization. Why do we have to do it this way ? It is efficient and easy to understand. It would be confusing if everyone wrote in a different way.

6 Insert Citation in MS Word 2007
A great feature of MS Word 2007 is called Insert Citation. It automatically writes both In-text Citations and the Bibliography (also called Reference List or Works Cited) at the end of your projects or reports. It is a student’s new best friend. It is fast and you don’t have to remember each little dot etc.

7 In Word, pull down the References Tab
For style, choose APA Click, Insert Citation

8 Click : Add new source

9 Choose : Type of Source

10 Fill in info Book (in print): Author, Title, Year, City, Publisher.
Careful with spelling; there is no spell check. Careful with capital letters; it will not change them. Only capitalize the first word of a book title or proper nouns.

11 Book Section, i.e. Encyclopedia Article
Author and Title refer to encyclopedia article or chapter. If no author is listed, leave this blank; the title of the article will appear first rather than the author. Book Author (or editor) of entire encyclopedia and Book Title refers to entire encyclopedia not just the article. Put in pages numbers if you only read some of the book.

12 Details: Author name Tick box if the author is a company or corporation. Last name first, then comma, then first name and/or initials. Word will process the name with initials only. If there is no author, leave it blank- the title will appear first. If there is more than 1 author, put a comma between the names and & before the last author. If there are more than 6 authors, write the first 6 names and then et al.

13 Details: Title Use capital letters for the first word & proper nouns.
If there is a subtitle with a colon, capitalize the first word after the colon. Be careful with capital letters; it will not change them. Examples : The ultimate chocolate cake book The house of the spirits Rom: The story of the gypsies

14 Magazine, Journal or Newspaper
2 choices : Journal Article- use only for academic journals with volume and issue numbers as part of the title. Article in a Periodical- use for magazines with a month-day-year date or newspapers. For newspapers, put the section as part of the page, i.e. A5 = Section A, page 5.

15 Click: OK = In-text citation
Before you click OK, put the cursor at the exact place in your report where you want the citation to appear.

16 What is an In-text Citation?
It is when you use the exact words, ideas or numbers from a book etc. in the middle of your own words. It is a short form. For more detailed information about in-text references, see the PlugIn lessons. The complete reference (author, year, title, city, publisher, pages, etc.) must be in the list at the end of your report.

17 Reference List, Works Cited, Bibliography (at the end of your report)
Click : Bibliography, then Insert Bibliography Put the cursor on the page that you want your Bibliography, usually at the end of your report. Word will put all references in alphabetical order. Check the spacing and indentation. Delete the in-text citation from your Reference List.

18 Details of a Book Reference
Author’s last name, initials Comma, dot after initials Year Parentheses & dot Title of book Italics & dot City Colon Publisher Dot But You don’t have to remember any of this because Word does it automatically ! ! ! Hemingway, E. (2001). A moveable feast. London: Vintage.

19 Web Page / Web Site Name of
Web Page- the exact page or article you are viewing Name of Web Site- name of the HOMEPAGE Use this form for an online newspaper.

20 Web Page Author An author can be a person or a company. If there is no author, leave it blank; the title of the Web Page will appear first. Birds. (2005, June 4). Retrieved September 6, 2009, from Animals:

21 Web Site: Dates Year Month Date
is when the site was written or updated. If there is no date on the web site, leave these fields blank. It will be processed as n.d. which means not dated. Year Accessed etc means when you viewed the site.

22 Details: Web Page Westerman, M. D. (2003, November 16). Old refrigerators. Retrieved September 27, 2009, from Recycling Household Stuff: Author (person or corporation). Dot Date website last updated . Parentheses, dot (Year first) Title of webpage. Italics, dot “Retrieved” (date you found the page) Comma (Year last) “from” Name of website (homepage). Colon URL No dot at end But You don’t have to remember any of this because Word does it automatically ! ! !

23 Copy & Paste from online resources
Many websites and online databases already have an APA citation written at the end of the article that you can copy & paste. For example . . .

24 Copy & Paste from Wikipedia
Every Wikipedia article as a Cite this page feature. On the left, 3rd box from the top. Scroll down to APA style. Copy and paste.

25 Copy & Paste from Britannica Encyclopedia Online
Any article in the Britannica Encyclopedia Online has a “To cite this page” feature at the end of the article. Copy & paste.

26 Copy & Paste from any EBSCO document
Click this little yellow icon, not where it reads Citation. Copy & paste

27 Photographs from the Internet or Online Database
Unfortunately, Word 2007 does not do this automatically. Here is the format. Dome of the Rock. [Photograph]. Retrieved October 4, 2009, from Wikipedia org/wiki/File:Dome_of_the_Rock1.jpg Title of photograph in italics. Dot. Space. The word “Photograph” in brackets. Upper case “P”. Dot. Space. The word “Retrieved” upper case “R.” URL. Include hyperlink if requested by your teacher. No dot at end. Month, date, comma, year, comma. Space. Month is written as a full word. Word “from” then name of general website.

28 Final Cleanup of Reference List
Alphabetical order (particularly important if you are copying and pasting from many sources) Double space between all lines Left justified first line but all other lines are tabbed over No numbering or bullets

29 I hope this helps you understand how to write APA references in
MS Word and use copy & paste features of online resources. Ask your teacher or your friendly librarian if you have any questions. Happy Writing !

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