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Sustainable schools For pupils, communities and the environment Presentation for use by schools and their stakeholders.

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1 Sustainable schools For pupils, communities and the environment Presentation for use by schools and their stakeholders

2 Slide 2 1. Key messages 2. What’s in it for schools? 3. Framework for sustainable schools 4. Consultation and year of action 5. Conclusions What’s in this presentation?

3 Slide 3 1 Key messages Government is encouraging all schools to become models of sustainable development for their communities and will be working with them over the next year or so to help them achieve this.

4 Slide 4 1 Key messages Sustainable development is not a fringe issue for schools - it’s an issue of strategic school improvement.

5 Slide 5 1 Key messages Pupils are highly motivated by sustainable development and it contributes to achievement-raising, behaviour improvement, and cost savings.

6 Slide 6 1 Key messages Today’s young people need the skills and experience to shape a sustainable future. It is young people now in school who will drive this agenda to successful management of the planet’s resources.

7 Slide 7 1 Key messages Schools sit at the heart of their communities and are crucial to preparing young people for the future. Many schools are already engaged in sustainable development in some aspect of school life.

8 Slide 8 2 What’s in it for schools? For pupils: Interest, increased motivation Their agenda Their future For staff: Improves achievement, behaviour Saves money Coherent framework for school planning

9 Slide 9 Framework for sustainable schools care for oneself care for each other (across cultures, distances and time) care for the environment (both far and near). Begins with a vision – a vision of care: 3

10 Slide 10 Themes or ‘doorways’ Local well-being Energy and water Food and drink Travel and traffic Buildings and grounds Inclusion and participation Global dimension Purchasing and waste 3

11 Slide 11 Doorway 2: Energy and water Rising demand for energy and water is storing up problems for future generations. Energy and water conservation can tackle this problem while saving schools money. By 2020 we would like all schools to be models of energy efficiency and renewable energy, showcasing wind, solar and bio-fuel sources in their communities, and maximising their use of rainwater and wastewater resources. 3 An example…

12 Slide 12 3 An example… This can be achieved through an integrated approach to the… curriculum (teaching provision and learning) campus (values and ways of working) community (wider influence and partnerships) Schools use the curriculum to cultivate the knowledge, values and skills needed to address energy and water stewardship – from local to global scales – in school and at home. Schools review their use of energy and water and establish policies for reducing this through good management and the deployment of appropriate technologies. Schools use their communications, services, contracts and partnerships to promote awareness of sustainable energy and water among their stakeholders.

13 Slide 13 Consultation and year of action A consultation on roles, capacity, incentives – for school leaders, LAs and potential partners A year of action with schools and their partners Support, guidance and tools  Web service  Self-evaluation tool (S3)  Resource packs, materials etc. Strong communications Action plan 4

14 Slide 14 Consultation questions Are you clear about the vision and 2020 expectations? Are you clear about your own role? Does your school have the capacity to establish and follow a road map to becoming a sustainable school? Will the benefits of sustainable schools sell themselves, or are incentives needed? 4

15 Slide 15 Conclusions 5 Positive agenda for pupils, schools, families, communities, government and others Expectations are demanding… …but so are the challenges we face  / consultations


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