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Quebec City and Montreal  May 30th - June 3rd 2014.

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1 Quebec City and Montreal  May 30th - June 3rd 2014

2 We are Traveling with JumpStreet based out of Montreal, Quebec.


4 Friday, May 30th  6:00 am Depart from MSMS  Frequent stops along the way for breaks and lunch and dinner (own expense)  9:00 pm Arrive at hotel in Montreal.

5  8:00 am Buffet breakfast at hotel and orientation with our tour leaders  9:30 am Discover Old Montreal  11:00 am Arrive at 6 flags Amusement Park  5:30 pm Dinner at an authentic French restaurant  7:30 pm Visit the top of Mont- Royal  9:00 pm Return to hotel Saturday, May 31st

6 Sunday, June 1st  8:00 am Breakfast and Check-Out from the hotel  10:00 am Visit the Biodome followed by a trip to the top of the world’s tallest inclined tower.  12:00 pm Lunch on own and shopping in Montreal’s underground city  2:00 pm Visit the home of the Habs, the Bell Centre  5:00 pm Settle in for Kurios, performed by the world famous Cirque du Soleil.  7:30 pm Dinner at an authentic French restaurant  8:30 pm Travel to Quebec City.  11:15 pm Arrive at hotel…zzz

7  8:30 am Breakfast at Hotel  10:00 am Walk across the suspended bridge at Montmorency Falls  11:15 am Visit the woodcarving shop and learn about French Canadian Legends  11:45 am Visit Sainte Anne de Beaupre shrine  1:00 pm Explore Old Quebec and have lunch  3:30 pm Guided tours of Old Quebec  4:30 pm Return to the hotel and get ready for dinner.  6:30 pm Dinner at an authentic French restaurant  8:30 pm Dance Boat Cruise  11:00 pm Return to hotel. Monday, June 2nd

8 Tuesday, June 3rd  8:00 am Buffet Breakfast at the hotel  9:15 am Depart for MSMS  12:00 pm Lunch on own  5:00 pm Dinner on own  10:30 pm Approximate arrival at MSMS  Note Frequent Stops Breaks + Meals

9 Expected Behavior Everywhere:  Participate positively in ALL activities.  Demonstrate respect for chaperones, students, drivers, pedestrians, strangers at all times.  No scent policy and nut-free policy must be respected at all times as students with life-threatening allergies will be on this trip.  High-energy drinks are not to be consumed at any time during the trip.

10 Please Note: Any illegal activity, in which your child partakes, will result in immediate contact with the parents/guardians. You will be responsible to make arrangements for your child to return home at your own expense.

11 Expected Behavior Everywhere:  I-pods and cell phones are not to be used during announcements and during presentations.  Appropriate language is expected at all times and places.  Your chaperone will meet with you daily to tell you about your day, timelines and any guidelines regarding temperature, activities, etc.

12 Expected Behavior Everywhere  Have list of emergency cell phone numbers available at all times (in your wallet, pocket, …)  No purchasing of illegal or offensive merchandise.

13 Expected Behavior On the bus  Remain seated at all times.  Use washrooms at pit stops, preferably not on bus except for emergency.  Clean up all garbage at each stop.  Keep volume to a minimum and listen to announcements.

14 Expected Behavior Dining Room Etiquette  Remain seated until EVERYONE has finished their meals– no traveling from table to table.  Leave tables, condiments, floor as tidy as possible.  demonstrate respect for those who will clean up after you.  Be considerate of other guests by keeping your volume reasonable.

15 Expected Behavior Dining Room Etiquette  At a buffet, take small amounts at a time. You can return for more later using a NEW plate – REMEMBER to use serving tongs or spatulas to serve yourself, NOT your hands. Wait to TASTE when you get to your table!

16 Expected Behavior In Museums or Presentations  - Listen actively – no I pods, cell phones, chatting.

17 Expected Behavior Amusement Parks/Shopping  Do NOT leave your wallet or backpack unattended.  Bring id such as Health Card if you are purchasing a fast pass for the rides.  Travel with others – never alone.

18 Expected Behavior In Hotels - No room service or ordering out. - Walk at all times – NO running - Volume must be reasonable in bedrooms - voices, TV’s and radios, etc should NOT be heard from outside your door  - Keep your room as tidy. We will be inspecting before check-out.

19 Expected Behavior In Hotels - Plan that 2 people shower at night with the other 2 showering in the morning to save time. - Bring your KEY with you when you exit your room. - In the event of an emergency, contact your - chaperone immediately. - SLEEP well! The best way to stay healthy is to get your required sleep.

20 Enjoy your free time! We’ll be back before you know it!

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