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© 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved PTV1000 - Push2TV TV adapter for Intel® Wireless Display.

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1 © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved PTV1000 - Push2TV TV adapter for Intel® Wireless Display

2 2. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved What is Push2TV? Your Laptop Screen on your HDTV, Wirelessly

3 3. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved

4 4. Now you can……

5 5. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved Technology Mode of Operation: WiFi 802.11n WiFi-Direct (WiFi PAN) at 2.4 GHz between laptop and Push2TV adapter. PC remains connected to Home network wirelessly. Distance limitation: Maximum recommended distance between laptop and Push2TV Adapter is around 15-20 Feet. So it is same room operation. HD: 720p over the air but up-scales to 1080p. This will be upgraded to 1080p in future with firmware upgrade. Encryption: WPA2 between PC and Push2TV adapter Throughput: Need sustained throughput of 6-8 Mbps between the PC and the Push2TV device Configuration: Very simple - Power up Push2TV, connect to TV via HDMI cable, double click an utility on the laptop, Push2TV shows up as an available adapter and you hit Connect Limitation: Currently cannot play Content Protected Blue Ray DVDs and other DVDs. This will be resolved with a firmware upgrade in a few months. Price: HKD 999 NETGEAR Push2TV will be the only Adapter in the market in 2010 that works with Intel Wireless Display technology.

6 6. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved System Requirements on Laptops Processor ONE of the following: I3, I5 or I7 Intel® Core™ i7-620M processor Intel Core i5-540M/520M/430M/330M processor Intel Core i3-350M processor Chipset ONE of the following: Intel® HM57, Intel HM55, Intel QM57, Intel QS57 Graphics Chip Intel® HD Graphics Wireless (WiFi) ONE of the following: Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250, Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300 Software Intel® My WiFi Technology and Intel Wireless Display must be pre-installed and enabled OS Windows* 7 64-bit,/32 bit, Home Premium, Ultimate or Professional

7 7. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved PUSH2TV Laptops support list »Lenovo ThinkPad X201 »HP DV5-2070US »Samsung R540-Int »ASUS U43 »ASUS U52 »Dell Studio 15z »Dell Studio 14 »Dell Inspiron 15R Sony VPCEA21FX Sony VPCEA22FX Sony VPCEB24FX Sony VPCEB23FX Sony VPCEB25FX Sony VPCEB26FX Sony VPCEB26GM Sony VPCEB23FM Sony VPCEA24FM Sony VPCS121FM/S Sony VPCS111FM/S Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904 Toshiba Satellite A665-S6050 Toshiba Portege R705-P25 Toshiba Satellite M645-S4047 Toshiba Satellite A660-17T

8 8. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved Options for online content on TV Alternative Options and Solutions Push2TV with Intel Wireless Display Cables – VGA, HDMI,Different variety of Cables, need VGA/HDMI port on computers, wired connected to TV. Push2TV is WiFi based. No unsightly cables across the room, uses standard WiFi in laptops, browse and view from the couch wirelessly. Digital Media AdaptersNew Interface/UI to master, restricted website content, not all web content supported, unsupported CODECs Browsing and interface is on PCs, but project to the TV just like a projector. Anything and everything you can view on PC, you can now show on TV Ethernet enabled TVs, Ethernet enabled Blue Ray DVD Players, set- top boxes Limited web content, walled garden, TVs restricted to Yahoo widgets and Youtube. Needs substantial investment for yet another new TV. No restrictions on websites and type of Videos that can be played, No new Interface to learn – a simple expansion of your PC experience. Need new Laptop but refresh of laptops happens much faster than other gadgets and there are multiple PCs at home Gaming Console – PS3, Xbox, Wii Limited content only from few key sources Unlimited content, whatever websites you can visit from your PC Other PC to TV Wireless solutions Hard to setup, 3-Hop wireless that reduces bandwidth Single Hop solution requiring 2X less bandwidth, super easy to set up just like connecting a PC to a WiFi network

9 9. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved GiftBox and Packaging

10 10. © 1996-2004 NETGEAR ®. All rights reserved FAQs for Media and Customers Does Push2TV adapter work with any Laptop? No, the Push2TV works with only select laptops with Intel Wireless Display software powered by the new 2010 Intel Core Processors (being announced at CES 2010) Can I download the PC Application and use Push2TV with any other laptop? No, there is no application that can be downloaded and run on any PC. The Intel Wireless Display software comes pre-installed in select new laptops and Push2TV adapter is sold bundled with those specific laptops. Which Laptops are compatible with Push2TV? You will find the list of compatible laptops available on More and more laptop models will come Push2TV enabled in Q2 and Q3 timeframe and we will have availability of Push2TV When would the compatible laptops be available in my region? The new laptops and the Push2TV NETGEAR TV Adapter are only available at Best Buy from 17 th Jan. Intel, the PC vendors and NETGEAR are working closely to make the solution available with other retailers and worldwide in Q2 and Q3 of 2010. Is there any limitation in type of content it can play? Whatever online or stored content you can see on the laptop can be projected to your big screen TV. Currently only protected Blue Ray DVD and other protected DVD content cannot be played. This will be changed in very near future with a firmware upgrade.

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