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Domestic workers: coverage under existing international labour standards.

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1 Domestic workers: coverage under existing international labour standards

2 Overview Applicable standards Specific ILS on migrant workers ILS of general application Concerns and progress

3 Applicable standards all ILO Conventions and Recommendations, unless expressly specified otherwise However Some ILS exclude domestic workers

4 Which ILS? fundamental ILS migrant-specific ILS ILS of general application

5 Fundamental ILS Freedom of association and collective bargaining Forced Labour Non-discrimination Child labour

6 Migrant specific ILS Convention No. 97 equality of treatment (Hong Kong) SAR Convention No. 143 Part I (Irregular migration and basic rights)

7 ILS OF GENERAL APPLICATION Wages (C95, C131, C173) Working time (C47, C171) Employment (C122) Termination of employment (158) Employment agencies (C88, C96, C181) Social security (C19, C102, C118, C183) Labour inspection (Protocol C81)

8 Some common principles protection of fundamental rights equal (opportunity and) treatment Protection of wages and working time coverage by labour and social security law Adequate monitoring and complaints mechanism

9 International monitoring Concerns inequality forced labour No freedom of association employment restrictions abusive permit systems Poor working conditions irregular status if loss of job No minimum wage protection Complaints mechanisms Progress Regulations on MDW Coverage labour law Minimum wage protection equality legislation trade union rights Model contracts anti-trafficking policy

10 What is lacking application of decent work principles to their special employment relationship availability of clear and comprehensive guidance for guaranteeing them access to decent employment conditions New instrument(s): Reaffirm international protections Add value

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