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Nonvascular Plants and Seedless Vascular Plants BSC 2011L.

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1 Nonvascular Plants and Seedless Vascular Plants BSC 2011L

2 Plants  Domain Eukarya  Kingdom Plantae  “Bryophytes” - nonvascular seedless plants  Phylum HepatophytaLiverworts  Phylum AnthocerotophytaHornworts  Phylum BryophytaMoss  “Vascular Seedless Plants”  Phylum LycopodophytaClub Moss  Phylum MonilophytaWisk fern  Phylum MonilophytaHorsetails  Phylum MonilophytaFerns

3 Evolutionary relationships of plants  Review Fig 16.1

4 Alternation of Generations  Sporophyte Generation  Produces haploid spores by meiosis  Gametophyte Generation  Produces gametes by mitosis

5 Nonvascular Seedless Plants  Mosses, liverworts, and hornworts  Gametophyte generation is dominant  Produces eggs in archegonia  Produces flagellated sperm in antheridia  Rely on water source for reproduction Notice the gemmae cups In this liverwort


7 Nonvascular Seedless Plants Moss Life Cycle

8 Vascular Seedless Plants  Whisk ferns, club mosses, horsetails, and ferns  Sporophyte generation is dominant  Adaptations for living on land  Vascular tissue  Windblown spores

9 Vascular Seedless Plants Fern Life Cycle

10 What is a Thallus?  Body of a lower plant that has no recognizable shoot, root, or leaf regions  Fern prothallus - gametophyte Young sporophyte emerging from prothallus

11 Vascular Seedless Plants Cross Section of Frond Leaflet  Sporophyte Generation  Look at Figure 16.15  The sorus contains the sporangium where the spores are produced

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