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Title Date. Play video [:30 seconds]video Micael BergerDaniel Alm ProduktchefTeknisk säljspecialist.

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1 Title Date

2 Play video [:30 seconds]video

3 Micael BergerDaniel Alm ProduktchefTeknisk säljspecialist

4 How can I prioritize and react to the sheer volume of communications and be more productive? Communication Overload How can I get a global organization to act in concert across boundaries? Global/Distributed Customers, Partners and Teams How can I integrate my communications and PC networking infrastructures? Disparate, Complex Networks How can I leverage existing enterprise infrastructure and the Internet to lower communications costs? High Cost of Communications Communications Today Environment: Chaotic, Cost-conscious, fragmented, and demanding

5 Voice Mail Enterprise Telephony Audio Conference Web Conference Video Conference E-Mail & Instant Messaging Separate Management E-Mail & Unified Messaging Instant Messaging Enterprise Telephony Conferencing Platform Unified Experience Common Management Vertically integrated communication silos Inefficient communications Communications overload Parallel infrastructures Horizontally integrated common platform Standards-based distributed architecture Accessibility in the entire network One common database Overall Costs Down Communications Shift Bringing people and information together with software


7 Voice (Unified Messaging, Enhanced VoIP) UC Product Stack Building a Foundation Conferencing

8 The Velocity Of Software “ Microsoft has a commanding lead in unified communications…” Microsoft OCS 2007 Microsoft LCS 2005 Cisco UPC IBM Lotus Sametime Other UC Client Avaya UC Suite Nortel MCS Alcatel-Lucent My Teamwork Siemens Open Scape

9 Upgrade Exchange Server Installed Base Deploy Enterprise Instant Messaging Deploy Presence-Enabled Communications Deploy 64-bit Servers Deploy Windows Server Update Active Directory Deploy Unified Messaging Integrate Desktop VoIP Deploy Multimedia Conferencing Mobility, Collaboration, Workflow, Vertical Solutions Compliance, Security Infrastructure Support Services, Managed Services UC Partner Services Opportunities Ready the Infrastructure Upgrade the Communication Base IntegrateVoice DriveEnhancedValue

10 UC Launch

11 UC Launch Sweden


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