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LifeWorks Health and Wellness Employee Presentation IASIS Healthcare LLC.

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1 LifeWorks Health and Wellness Employee Presentation IASIS Healthcare LLC

2 iCan Personal Health Coaching Free programs with a personal health coach that can help you find your motivation and set personal health and wellness goals including: managing your weight quitting smoking or using tobacco learning to manage stress keeping your heart healthy

3 Weight management A non-diet-based approach to weight management Focused on long-term lifestyle change No weigh-ins or classes to attend Provides support for setting goals and changing behaviors

4 Tobacco Cessation Personalized support and tools to help quit smoking or using tobacco A proven approach to tobacco cessation Long-term lifestyle management to help you quit and stay smoke-free for good

5 Stress management A personalized, flexible program designed to help you reduce the negative affects of stress Customized to your preferences and goals Helps you learn to identify your stress triggers and develop strategies to overcome them

6 Cardiovascular Health A personalized program designed to help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Coaches will: work with you to evaluate current risks like high cholesterol or high blood pressure help you make healthy lifestyle changes to help lower your risk of heart disease

7 iCan – Program Access Online: User ID: IASIS Password: wellness Phone: 800-379-4147 TTY/TDD: 800-346-9188 En Español: 888-732-9020 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlimited incoming calls Free and Confidential

8 iCan – Telephonic Health Coaching You initiate contact via phone to enroll in the program You are provided personalized telephonic coaching for sustained behavior change Coaching takes place over multiple number of scheduled coaching sessions You may access your health coach at any time via a voice messaging service Coaching is delivered over a 12-month period

9 iCan – Call Types Intake Registration process for enrolling in coaching Triage/Initial Assessment Call First call with coach Outbound Coaching Calls Coach will work with you to create behavior change strategy Follow Up Calls Coach will check on progress and barriers Inbound Calls You have unlimited access to coach via voice messaging

10 iCan – Mock Session Scenario: This is the first coaching call with an IASIS employee, two weeks after intake. Employee has gained some weight over the winter, and would like to eat healthier and become more active to fit into summer clothing. She has done well in the past with losing weight in the springtime, by counting calories and exercising regularly. Familiar with exercise and nutrition techniques, but is looking for support and new ideas. She is having some issues with stress. Starting weight = 171 lbs. Previously established SMART Goals: 1) During first week, use pedometer to measure activity for 3 days. Record number of steps. 2) During second week, use workbook for food journaling on M – W – F. Barriers – Burns out on exercise quickly / portion size too large / does not drink water Triggers – Stress eating Motivation – To fit into summer clothing

11 iCan – Online Health Coaching

12 iCan – Accessing Online Health Coaching

13 iCan – Online Health Resources

14 iCan – Contact a Coach Online

15 iCan – Order Kits Online

16 iCan – Online Registration

17 iCan – Contact a Coach Online

18 The LifeWorks program is provided at no cost to you by IASIS Healthcare. It is delivered by Ceridian, the leading provider of managed human resource solutions that maximize the value of people.

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