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Africa What does it really look like?

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1 Africa What does it really look like?

2 54 Countries in Africa

3 Population of the Continent
One Billion people 14% of the World’s population

4 World by Population

5 World by Land Area

6 Size of Africa

7 Religion in Africa

8 African Health Issues

9 Meningitis In Africa

10 Expenditure on Health

11 Sleeping Sickness & Tsetse Fly

12 Malaria in Africa

13 Maternal Mortality Rate

14 Physicians Working

15 Total Births

16 Total Births More children are born each year in Africa than are born in the Americas, all of Europe and Japan put together. Worldwide, more than a third of a million new people will be born on your birthday this year.

17 World over 65 years of age

18 World over 65 years of age In % of the world population was over 65 years old. Only 1% of the population of the United Arab Emirates was over 65 years old. China has the largest elderly population (92 million) but this is only 7% of the Chinese population. Growing proportions of elderly people are partly a result of people living longer and, often, of fewer births reducing the size of the younger population. Africa is home to only 6% of the world's population aged over 65.

19 World by Tourist Destinations

20 World by Tourist Destinations
Western Europe is the most popular destination for international tourists. The region receives 46% of world tourist trips. At the other extreme 0.1% of world tourist trips are made to Central African territories.

21 Physicians Working In 2004 there were 7.7 million physicians working around the world. The largest number were in China, which is the largest territory on the map. If physicians were distributed according to population, there would be 124 physicians to every 100,000 people. The most concentrated 50% of physicians live in territories with less than a fifth of the world population. The worst off fifth are served by only 2% of the world’s physicians.

22 Dentists Working

23 Dentists Working North America has almost twice the number of dentists per person than any other region. In many African territories there were fewer than 1 dentist to every people living there. The fewest dentists per person were in Angola.

24 Personal Computers

25 Personal Computers In 2002 there were almost 600 million such computers in use worldwide; that was 1 computer for every 10 people. The most computers are found in the United States, Japan, China and Germany - these territories together are home to more than half of all computers in the world.

26 Passenger Cars

27 Passenger Cars In 2002 there were 590 million cars in the world. That is one for every ten people. There are 140 million cars in the United States and 55 million in Japan. This contrasts with just nine million cars in China and 6 million in India.

28 World Poverty

29 Infant Mortality

30 Hiv/Aids Deaths

31 Geography of Africa




35 In the United States & Africa
Quality of Life In the United States & Africa

36 A Tale of Two Countries The United States Nigeria 3rd largest country
Pop: 291,680,000 77.4% urban Median age: 36 Life expectancy: 74 for men, 80 for women Fertility rate: 2 Death rate per 1,000: 8 10th largest country Pop: 135,570,000 45% urban Median age: 18 Life expectancy: 51 for both men & women Fertility rate: 5 Death rate per 1,000: 14 The United States Nigeria

37 Birth and Death Rates Births World average: 20 births per 1,000
Nigeria, Africa: Over 36 United States: 12-18 The lowest average birthrate in Africa is births per 1,000 population -- in only 3 African countries Deaths World average: 9 deaths per 1,000 Nigeria, Africa: Over 15 United States: 6-9

38 Life Expectancy Projected life span for population born in 2003
World Average: 64 Nigeria, Africa: Under 45 United States: Over 75 Only 9.7% of the world’s population can expect to live more than 75 years One-third of the world’s people will live between years

39 Natural Increase in Population
The world average increase is 1.2% Nigeria, Africa: 2-3% The United States: 0-1% There are 3 countries in Africa with an estimated increase of more than 3% Most African countries: 2-3% range The world population in 2000: 6,070,581,000 people Expected population in 2050: 8,918,275,000 people Natural Increase in Population

40 Nutrition Calories consumed per day Grams protein consumed per day
Nigeria, Africa: 2, United States: More than 3,5000 Other countries in Africa Ethiopa: 2,000-2,500 Congo, Zambia and Tanzania: Less than 2,000 Grams protein consumed per day Nigeria, Africa: 50-70 United States: Over 110 Ethiopa: 50-70 Congo, Zambia and Tanzania: Less than 50

41 Physicians Number of physicians per 100,000 people
Nigeria, Africa: Under 25 United States: Most African countries: Under 25 African country with the highest number Egypt, Countries with the highest number, more than 400 Cuba, Spain, Italy, Russia and Norway

42 HIV Infection Percentage of adult population diagnosed with HIV
Nigeria, Africa: 5-10% United States: 0.5-1% African countries over 10% 12, including South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and Swaziland Countries with the lowest occurrence (less than 0.1%) Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Japan & Philippines

43 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
In U.S. dollars, annual per capita estimate Nigeria, Africa: Under $1,000 United States: Over $20,000 World Average: $7,900 African countries with the highest GDP: $5,000-10,000 Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, South Africa Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

44 Literacy Percentage of the population over age 15 who can read and write Nigeria, Africa: Under 50% United States: Over 95% Years of compulsory education Nigeria, Africa: 6 United States: 12

45 Human Development Index
The HDI is a summary that measures a country's average achievements in three basic areas of human development: health, knowledge, and a decent standard of living. The top 5 countries by HDI in 2009 Norway Australia Iceland Canada Ireland The United States: 13th Nigeria, Africa: 158th out of 182

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