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Community Service Service Learning By: Devon Blankenship.

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1 Community Service Service Learning By: Devon Blankenship

2 Service Learning U.S. incorporation of community service into education: a school program that integrates citizenship values into education by involving students in community service, often as a requirement for graduation +learning+definition&FORM=DTPDIA +learning+definition&FORM=DTPDIA

3 Me Doing Work

4 Benefits of Service Learning Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills Grow your understanding of diverse cultures and communities Learn more about social issues and their root causes Improve your ability to handle ambiguity and be open to change; become more flexible Develop or enhance your skills, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership Test out your skills, interests, and values in a potential career path, or learn more about a field that interests you Connect with professionals and community members who you will learn from Grow a professional network of people you might connect with again later for jobs or internships Satisfy your urge toward public service or civic participation

5 Blazer Build

6 Community Service

7 Cleaning up Lowndes Hall

8 Spring Cleaning

9 Service Learning It was a great experience getting involved with the community. It is really a good feeling knowing you helped give backed to the community that is supporting you throughout your career.

10 The End Now Go Help The Community!!!

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