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1 Sophos anti-virus and anti-spam for business OARNET October 13, 2004

2 Introductions Don Landers -- Sophos Senior Account Executive 1-781-973-1249

3 Today’s Agenda Company background State of the markets Anti-virus Anti-spam The Sophos solution Product overview Why Sophos?

4 Who is Sophos? Industry leading support services: Global virus labs, 24 hours a day Global technical support network, 24 hours a day Represented in over 150 countries Global network of technical partners

5 Real support and excellent service Sophos research labs and technical support Key: Sophos technical support

6 Viruses becoming a spam problem Nine of the top ten viruses in June spread via email It makes sense to block as much spam and as many viruses as possible at the email gateway

7 The future More mass-mailing Windows viruses, a la Sobig- F, Netsky, Bagle More Backdoor Trojan horses opening the way for Remote Access Tools (RATs) More viruses attempting to steal money and confidential information More blended threats where viruses combine payloads and spreading methods

8 Sophos asked nearly 4,000 customers what they thought of spam: 80% said the flood of spam makes them less productive But 72% admitted they do not have anti-spam protection Source: Sophos. 3731 respondents. Survey conducted Jan-Apr 2004 Spam: a big problem

9 More spam being sent than ever before Legislation has failed to make any impact on the amount of spam being sent 83% of spam uses content obfuscation to bypass less sophisticated anti-spam filters New techniques to disguise spam are being discovered regularly Latest trends

10 Enterprise solutions

11 Desktop, laptop and file server anti-virus protection Scanning modes: On-access On-demand Scheduled Central notification and alerts Auto-update


13 Gateway email filtering software Consolidated protection against viruses, spam and other email-borne security threats Subscription software with inclusive 24/7 live support and automated anti-spam and anti-virus updates Sophos PureMessage solutions PureMessage for Unix PureMessage for Windows/Exchange PureMessage Small Business Edition

14 PureMessage for Unix: Offers any combination of anti-virus, anti-spam, and policy enforcement functionality Scans SMTP email traffic in real time End-user spam quarantine interface provides users with a real-time view and control over quarantine contents Administrator and end user configured white and black lists Delivers automatic notifications

15 PureMessage for Windows/Exchange: Anti-virus and anti-spam protection Threat reduction Quarantine or delete suspicious attachments Disclaimers for outgoing messages Scans Microsoft IIS, Exchange 2000 and 2003 email traffic in real time Manages quarantined emails End-user spam quarantine interface

16 Small business solutions Desktop and file server anti-virus protection Email server anti-virus and anti-spam protection Anti-virus and anti-spam protection for desktops, file servers and email servers

17 Why Sophos? Comprehensively protects against viruses and spam straight “out of the box” Uses award-winning anti-virus and industry- leading anti-spam engines Blends multiple techniques to identify spam Computes a spam probability rating for each message – from 0% to 100% Anti-spam rules are continuously updated by the Sophos anti-spam labs

18 Global presence Sophos operations Boston, USA Mainz, Germany Milan, Italy Oxford, UK Paris, France Singapore Sydney, Australia Vancouver, Canada Yokohama, Japan

19 Summary Questions? Follow-up

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