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Corinne Scherer’s Book Report

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1 Corinne Scherer’s Book Report
Place Book Cover Image Here. (You can copy and paste your book cover from Plot Setting Characters Genre Vocabulary

2 Place Book Cover Image Here.
Setting The setting is at Ribsy’s family’s van and at the old lady’s home also the 4 girls home. The setting is also at the foot ball players home and the school with the children also Ribsy’s real home with Henry Huggins. Place Book Cover Image Here.

3 Place Book Cover Image Here.
Plot In the beginning of the book Ribsy’s family got a new car so Ribsy was not aloud in the new car. When Ribsy’ s family went to the mall Ribsy followed. When Henry ‘s mom and dad got tired of Ribsy they finally let Ribsy in. When Ribsy’s family went into the mall they left Ribsy in the car. When they left to go into the mall Ribsy saw a dog and got out of the car by jumping out the window. It started to rain then pour. In the middle of the story Ribsy thought that that he found the right car but when he jumped in he saw there were four girls instead of Henry. The girls took Ribsy home and gave Ribsy a bath. Ribsy did not like that so he ran away. Next he met a older lady. Ribsy liked the lady a little bit but not really because she made Ribsy were a hat and carry a pipe in his mouth. Then Ribsy started to go to a school with some children but one day someone brought a squirrel to school for show and tell. Of course Ribsy tried to catch the squirrel. Ribsy got kicked out of the school. Then Ribsy found a way in to a football game and went home with a football player Ribsy got into the newspaper. Luckily Henry saw it and called the football player when Ribsy heard Henry’s voice he ran out the door thinking he would find Henry but did not find Heney . Ribsy was lost.At the end of the story Ribsy found a boy and played with him the boy could not keep Ribsy. Somehow Ribsy got stuck on the fire escape ladder. When that happened Henry was walking by Henry saw Ribsy, got him down and they went home. . Place Book Cover Image Here.

4 Place Book Cover Image Here.
Characters The characters are Ribsy, the football player, the old lady, the school children, the four girls and Henry Huggins. Place Book Cover Image Here.

5 Place Book Cover Image Here.
Genre I think this book is realistic fiction. I think that because it seem that it could happen in real life. I know that because a dog could get lost and I know it because a dog can try to catch a squirrel Place Book Cover Image Here.

6 Place Book Cover Image Here.
Vocabulary Gunnysacks-are cheap bags made out of natural fibers Society-a group of people involved in each other Bustled-a type of frame work to hold up drapes Place Book Cover Image Here. Return to Homepage

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