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Cultural Geography.

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1 Cultural Geography

2 Concepts of Culture Cultural Traits - a single attribute of a culture

3 Folk Culture Traditional ways of life
Often celebrated as part of a national or ethnic heritage Usually only still followed in more isolated rural community

4 Pop Culture Pop culture is spread by the media Global uniformity TV
Movies internet Global uniformity

5 Cultural Regions and Realms
Anglo America Latin America Europe Russia & former Soviet Union Middle - East Sub-Saharan Africa South Asia Southeast Asia East Asia Oceania

6 Anglo-America US & Canada British origins Immigrant traditions
Similar economic development Skylines of concrete and steel

7 Latin America Mexico and Central America The Caribbean South America
Most of the region shares a language and a religion Spanish colonial period creates similarities

8 Europe West & North Eastern Europe Mediterranean European Union
More developed Eastern Europe Transition & tension Mediterranean Tradition v. industry European Union Christian tradition

9 Russia and Eastern Europe
Different orientation than the rest of Europe Multi-national societies Struggles with Russian dominance Ukraine, Caucasus

10 Middle East SW Asia, North Africa, Cent. Asia Arid Climates
Oil production region Tension between religious groups Battle between modern & traditonal

11 Sub-Saharan Africa Dominated by tropical climates
Poaching v. Preservation Borders set by European countries Tribe v. Country A mix of traditional and colonial Struggles for development

12 South Asia Traditionally dominated by Indian cultural ideas
Birthplace of religions Religious and ethnic differences cause tension

13 East Asia Generally modern high-tech economies
Hearth of cultures (Eastern philosophies) Lots of tension because of historical Chinese dominance

14 Southeast Asia Peninsulas and archipelagos Mainland is mostly Buddhist
Islands are mostly Islamic Hindu and Christian pockets

15 Oceania Australia New Zealand Pacific Islands Micronesia Melanesia

16 Elements of Culture Language Religion Social Groupings Gender
Traditions of Government Economic Activities

17 Language A common language is a unifying factor
Language families are made up of languages with similar roots

18 Religion Religion helps provide a sense of identity
Religion influences the arts and architecture

19 Major World Religons Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism Judaism

20 Religion Universalizing Religions – can appeal to anyone
Christianity Islam Buddhism Ethnic Religions – generally only for those born into it Hinduism Judaism

21 Social Groupings Culture can be based on socio- economic status
Culture is also based on ethnicity

22 Gender Gender roles vary from culture to culture
Gendered space makes for different realities within cultures

23 Traditions of Government
The traditions of government in a country help define cultural traditions democracy dictatorship

24 Economic Activities The activities the national economy is based on will impact culture. More developed countries usually abandon traditional ways of life

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