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1 Share and Family Learning Gaye Warwick Project Manager, Family Learning

2 Promoting Parental Involvement “It’s what parents do rather than who they are that counts.” Professor Charles Desforges University of Exeter The Impact of Parental Involvement, Parental Support and Family Education on Pupil Achievement and Adjustment: 2003

3 Effects (Parents/School) 29% / 05% 27% / 21% 14% / 51% Impact on Children Prof Charles Desforges University of Exeter Achievement Age 7 Age 11 Age 16

4 Parent’s responsibilities 98% parents sign ‘Home-School Agreement’ 54% don’t remember

5 Impact of parental involvement Self-esteem “The most important influence on a person’s level of self-esteem are their parents: once parents have had their say, little else in life will be able to modify the opinion of self thus formed” ‘The costs and causes of low self-esteem’ Prof Nicolas Emler, Joseph Rowntree Foundation: 2001

6 Parent’s expectations All parents want to support their child; Don’t know how, where to start or who to ask for help.

7 Share – family learning

8 Why Share? Flexible Fun!

9 What is Family Learning? Process… Diverse practice… Creative delivery… Learner defined… Mutual respect…

10 What is Family Learning? Diet… Quick fix… Healthy Eating… Long term impact…

11 Share Aims Raising children’s attainment Engaging with parents/carers to support their children’s education Parents/carers who will reflect on their own learning needs A catalyst to help schools/settings manage the involvement of parents/carers in the life of the school

12 What is Share? Aim Demonstration Doing At home How did it go? Successful? In school Typical model QUALITY

13 Share Materials Fun! Foundation Stage Key Stage 1 Key stage 2 Key stage 3

14 Foundation Stage Fun! Appropriate to the effective learning of 3 – 5year olds Personal, social & emotional development Communication, language & literacy Mathematical development Knowledge & understanding of the world Physical development Creative development

15 Share at Key Stage 1 FUN Promotes active learning Promotes the importance of talk to learning Cross curricular Links to key literacy & numeracy skills

16 Share at Key Stage 2 Fun! Promotes active learning Cross curricular Links to key literacy and numeracy skills Develops independent learning skills Supports the transition from KS2 to KS3

17 Share at Key Stage 3 Promotes active learning Cross curricular Link to key skills -Communication -Application of number -ICT -Working with others -Improving own learning & performance -Problem solving Link to citizenship education - Social& moral responsibility, community involvement & political literacy Link to PSHE & promote family discussion Fun!

18 Healthy Share Physical health Healthy eating Emotional health & well being Healthy attitudes to medicines, drugs and alcohol Health & safety Health in the community Fun

19 Computers don’t byte! Finding your way around the computer Developing word-processing skills Some simple graphic skills Using the internet Using email Other types of software and peripherals ICT at the Foundation stage (5 activities)

20 Share Supports Every Child Matters Outcomes Be healthy Stay safe Enjoy & achieve Make a positive contribution Achieve economic well-being

21 Positive features of Share Enables and empowers parents to help their child Helps parents to understand how their children learn and are taught in school Provides parents with strategies to support children’s learning at home Supports and improves adult skills Helps raise children’s attainment in school Provides an enjoyable learning experience Acknowledges the role of the parent as the child’s first and foremost educator Practitioners work in partnership with parents and families Fostering lifelong learning Learning can be fun Develops a whole school approach

22 Settings have reported Strengthening of relationships Increase of parents skills and confidence Raising of attainment & achievement Parents more able to understand how children and young people learn Parents able to develop learning at home Parents learn more about what their child is doing Patience……..!

23 Parents have reported Increase in ‘quality’ family time whole family – organise – better use Greater awareness & understanding of how their child learns Pleasure in learning together Appreciation of their own learning accreditation – what I’ve done! “My child has asked me to play!”

24 Impact of Share Empowers parents, children and staff Supports relationships for all Improves educational attainment and achievement Supports parents and carers as learners

25 What the children say……. “Mummy, why you no do this before?” Share Toddler – Sandwell 2003 “ I can do things with Dad and its fun ” Share child- Dumfries & Galloway 2006 “It’s great having special time with just me and my mum” Share child – Blackburn 2003 “I’ve discovered my dad’s pretty cool really!” Share Teenager – London 2003

26 What else? Share Plus Busy Bees It’s A Man thing Active Dad’s Developing Men Friendly Organisations Top Dad’s History Detective Breakfast Clubs Book it! Sum it!

27 How can we support you with Share? Training & support – 2 days & half day follow up Resources – materials Certificates – personal/setting CPD – professional - Approved Trainer - Facilitator Training Newsletters, website

28 How can we support you with Share? Local network organised by LEA co- ordinators Formal external evaluation 2004 Annual national conference Annual Share Awards Termly network for co-ordinators Family learning consultancy

29 A final thought… If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: “Take two and keep away from the children…” Thank you…

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