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HISTORY IN GRADES 7 to 10 All courses focus on Canadian History.

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1 HISTORY IN GRADES 7 to 10 All courses focus on Canadian History.

2 Grade 7 Three units of study: - New France - British North America - Conflict and Change

3 Grade 8 Three units of study: - Confederation - The Development of Western Canada - Canada: A Changing Society

4 Grade 9 No Ministry directed course Focus on Geography

5 Grade 10 ( and 11, 12) Focus on “Canadian History Since World War 1” Five strands throughout courses based on the common theme Strands include: - Communities: Local, National, Global - Change and Continuity - Citizenship and Heritage - Social, Economical, and Political Structures - Methods of Historical Inquiry and Communication

6 Grade 10 Civics Half course Three strands: 1. Informed citizenship (key civics concepts, structures and processes 2. Active citizenship ( civic literacy, research and inquiry, critical and creative thinking, decision making, conflict resolution, collaboration) 3. Purposeful citizenship (values and perspectives; examining differing purposes)

7 Egocentric Design Me Family Community Province/Country World

8 Shared Guideline History and Geography courses together in guidelines (pp. 53-64 are the History part of the Grades 7 & 8 guideline) Extends the Social Studies approach of Grades 1-6 guidelines Achievement charts of both subject areas look very similar. Native Studies guideline falls under auspices of History

9 Our Task To look more closely at ways to integrate History themes and expectations with Language expectations and strands. Why?...Students are powerfully motivated by good stories. …Good integration will help them make connections so that the History is relevant

10 How will we plan “rough” integration outlines? Use concentric circles to lay out a plan. Starting in the center, each circle should lay out, in order: * the grade * the History strands ( from guideline) * the Achievement Chart headings and level 3 or 4 standards ( from guideline) * the topics/ History unit title (s) and overall expectations for the topic ( from both History and Language guidelines * the integrated novel title and activities to align the strands, provincial standards, topic(s), and overall expectations

11 Questions?

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