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Saks Gloweli Consulting Management Consulting and Market Entry in China.

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1 Saks Gloweli Consulting Management Consulting and Market Entry in China

2 Our clients’ industries are extremely competitive. The confidentiality of companies’ plans and data is obviously critical. Saks Gloweli Consulting will protect the confidentiality of all such client information. Similarly, Management and Human Resources consulting is a competitive business. We view our approaches and insights as proprietary and therefore look to our clients to protect our interests in our proposals, presentations, methodologies and analytical techniques. Under no circumstances should this material be shared with any third party without the written consent of Saks Gloweli Consulting. Copyright © 2010 Saks Gloweli Consulting. Confidentiality

3 Saks Gloweli Consulting (“SGC”) is a Management Consulting firm which helps global companies doing business in China and Asia Pacific realize their expansion plans and assists in managing their growth.

4 Copyright © 2010 Saks Gloweli Consulting The majority of Foreign owned businesses in China suffer from Lack of: Understanding the complex regulatory and legal requirements of business Adaptability to local market forces and dynamics Structured organization Clear strategic direction and definition of core competitive advantages Effective home-grown junior and middle management Human resource management and communication The majority of Chinese businesses looking to expand internationally suffer from Lack of: Understanding international business culture and regulations Long term strategic planning Adaptability to international market forces and dynamics Knowledge of language and cultural norms Clear strategic direction and definition of core competitive advantage The Need and Demand for a Solution: SGC understands these and has the experience to deliver the solutions

5 Copyright © 2010 Saks Gloweli Consulting Why Saks Gloweli Consulting : China Experience International Business Experience Top Academic Research & Knowledge Multilingual Team Multi Discipline and Industry Professionals Management and Strategy Consulting Financial Services Consulting Investment Banking and Private Equity Sourcing and Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Professional Education Industry Experiences With a team coming from the most prestigious academic and business management programs in the world, SGC brings years of experience in delivering first class advisory services to clients throughout Asia SGC has worked with small, mid and Fortune 500 companies in Asia and have the resources to handle any corporate Challenge within the scope of their core competencies Industry Experiences

6 Copyright © 2010 Saks Gloweli Consulting Market and landscape analysis Full Turnkey Solution to starting and managing your business in China Market Entry Entry Strategy Growth Strategy Business Development Strategy Process Management Process Optimization Operations Vendor Management/Development Full Turnkey Solutions Supply Chain Capital Advisory Financial Management Services Details under Saks Gloweli Capital Banking & Finance Staff and management structure Hiring and Training HR is managed by partner firm : True Wind Consulting Human Resources Growth Stability Sustainability Profitability Saks Gloweli Consulting : Services

7 Services Portfolio Organisation and Resourcing Hiring and Training Employee Efficiency Matrix Cultivating Management Social Benefits Cash Flow Management Capital Restructuring ESCROW management Mergers & Acquisitions Project Finance Vendor development Vendor Management Logistics Setup Lean Process Sales and Marketing International Purchasing Office Process Flows Standard Operating Procedures Operations Management Supply Chain Management Human Resources Management Capital Structure SGC covers all the needs of the clients in all aspect of their business Copyright © 2010 Saks Gloweli Consulting

8 Assessment Operations Corporate strategy Fiscal status Sales and marketing HR Structure Strategy Benchmarking analysis in all areas included in the assessment Refinement of corporate competitive strategy Formulation of short, medium and long term goals Implementation Presentation of assessment recommendations Process Implementation Training management Handover Operational Efficiency Process Optimization Increased Profitability Sustained Growth Engagement Process SGC guides the client through the process of the engagement

9 Hong Kong Address Level 3, Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong Phone : 852-2588 3415 Fax : 852-2588 3499 Shenzhen Address 15129, Level 15, Tower 2 Kerry Plaza, 1 Zhong Xin Si Rd. Futian, Shenzhen, China Phone : 86 755 3304 3422 Fax : 86 755 3304 3344 Contact Copyright © 2010 Saks Gloweli Consulting

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