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Learning Objective One

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1 Learning Objective One
P1 explain the personal attributes valued by employers

2 Criteria! P1 explain the personal attributes valued by employers
M1 explain the different personal skills that employers may require for specific IT job roles

3 WALT / WILF WALT What Personal Attributes are required by organisations WILF - A Detailed Comic strip highlighting those requirements.

4 Learning Outcomes Two Similarities
Learning Outcomes Two looked at “Interpersonal Skills” This Outcome looks at your Personal Attributes to start with, and then moves into Technical Skills.

5 Effective communication
Effective communication: Employers seek candidates who can listen to instructions and act on those instructions with minimal guidance. They want employees who speak, write, and listen effectively, organise their thoughts logically, and explain everything clearly.

6 Computer and technical literacy
Computer and technical literacy: Almost all jobs now require an understanding, ranging from basic to advanced, of computer software, word processing, , spreadsheets, and wide ranging internet use from Twitter to Web Navigation, and sensible Facebook usage.

7 Interpersonal abilities
Interpersonal abilities: Relationship-building and relationship-management are high priorities with many employers. These skills show that a you can relate well to others, both co-workers and customers.

8 Problem-solving/Creativity
Problem-solving/Creativity: Employers always want people who can get them out of trouble. Problem-solving ability can aid you with all aspects of your work Employers need to know you can conquor challenges by thinking creatively.

9 Teamwork skills Teamwork skills: The ability to work well with others while pursuing a common goal a require attribute spanning back many many years. However so is the ability to work with minor supervision.

10 Diversity sensitivity
Diversity sensitivity: In today’s world, cultural sensitivity and ability to build rapport with others in a multicultural environment is highly valued by employers. Immigration has increased dramatically with the growth of the EU making freedom of trade easier.

11 Planning and organising
Planning and organising: Workplace life requires prioritising and organising information.

12 A normal day teaching

13 Leadership and management:
Leadership and management: Leadership consists of a strong sense of self, confidence, and a comprehensive knowledge of company goals. These are qualities that motivate and inspire, providing a solid foundation for teamwork.

14 Outcomes A large comic strip demonstrating what personal attributes are required by employees Only 4 of my suggestions And 4 of your own

15 Merit Criteria M1 explain the different personal skills that employers may require for specific IT job roles

16 Task One Mediator Product Add 5 new pages for 5 specific job titles
Add the following structure Job 1 Job 2 Job 3 Homepage Skills for Jobs Job 4 Job 5

17 Previously We looked at ICT Job Specs and then highlighted what we saw in them, compared to what we had in our product, and discussed the link in the class.

18 Job Specs Each page will contain screen shots of highlighted sections of job pages, and when rollover they will contain information regarding which attribute is required in these positions. 5 Jobs, At least three attributes per page!

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