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Sales Order Processing

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1 Sales Order Processing
To study how a Sales Order Processing System works To draw an information flow diagram of the subsystems involved To list personnel involved in processing sales To examine the role of ICT in the Sales Order Processing System

2 How is an order processed
Customer places order through the sales order processing subsystem Information about the products and quantity required is passed on to the Stock Control subsystem Invoice and despatch notes are printed in the Packing and Despatch subsystem Accounts subsystem receives the invoice from the Sales Order Processing subsystem the Marketing Department uses information about who has purchased goods, say for the last two years so that to see which information should be sent

3 Customer Name and Address, item, quantities Customer Credit rating Packing and Dispatch Sales Order Processing Accounts Despatch date, document number, Carrier reference Customer details, date, amount owing Stock sold Customer details, Dates and size of orders Stock availability Stock Control Marketing

4 Placing an order An order from a customer may be placed in one of several ways: The order is telephoned and the Sales Order department would type it in into the computer without any paper record of the transaction The order is posted on own order form or on a form printed in the manufacturer’s catalogue An order may be faxed A salesman may visit retail stores in his area, take orders on a laptop and transmit them directly to the Sales Order Processing system

5 Inputting an order Once the purchase order is received, it is input into a Sales Order screen on the computer. A screen form similar to the one below may be displayed

6 Processing the order in a typical system, orders are entered as they come in by mail, phone , fax or . Maybe once or twice a day, a batch of invoices are printed These are then sent to the Packing and Despatch Department who pack the goods and enclose the invoice in a sealed pouch on the outside of the box Once the invoices are printed The stock figures are automatically adjusted by the computer system The customer’s records are adjusted to show the total amount outstanding

7 Receiving payments At the end of every month, statements will be printed for each customer with an outstanding balance The customer will then pay either by cheque or by BACS The Accounts Department will be able to look up any customer’s account A report of overdue accounts will be printed at any time and customers who have not paid their bills will then be chased up This is the job of the Credit Control Department

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