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Satawu and transport climate jobs ITF Climate Change workshop Durban 1 st and 2 nd December 2011.

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1 Satawu and transport climate jobs ITF Climate Change workshop Durban 1 st and 2 nd December 2011

2 Intro : Satawu & climate change Satawu : 140,000 workers in all transport, cleaning and security ITF Discussion Document : “Transport Workers and Climate Change : Towards Sustainable low-carbon mobility” Satawu participation in building the Million Climate Jobs Campaign and providing research into transport climate jobs Cosatu climate change policy process & July workshop Satawu workshop for 35 participants in August 2011

3 Some SA transport indicators Largest CO2 emitter from fuel combustion in Africa Road freight sector consumes 27% of fuel energy and dumped 23mt GHGs in 2009 (CSIR 7 th State of Logistics Survey) 34,664 new trucks on the road in 2009 Road crashes : Annual 900,000 collisions, 17,000 deaths and R50bn cost 700,000 kms roads. 20,000 kms rail 12% of internal freight volume by rail – despite 40% lower rates

4 South Africa’s emissions Rich countries create 60% annual GHG emissions (only 20% population). South Africa produces1% of world’s GHG’s. Emissions per person per year – USA 20 tons – Norway 11 tons – South Africa 9 tons (worst in Africa) – Bangladesh 0.5 tons

5 Transport emissions in SA 2000 9.1% of all GHG’s plus international aviation and shipping Road transport 7.8% of all GHGs Local maritime 0.023% Local civil aviation 0.008%

6 Road Transport 74% transport emissions Motorised Road Vehicles Nov 2006 Motorcars4,883,885 Minibuses265,692 Buses36,436 Motorcyles278,451 LDVs – bakkies1,684,200 Trucks278,699 Other and unknown210,513 Total7,113,309 So which vehicle is the biggest challenge?

7 Current transport jobs in SA 250,000 taxis 300,000 road freight (outsourced 60,000) 60,000 maritime (mainly ports) 50,000 rail and rail engineering 50,000 bus 50,000 aviation 3,000 pipelines

8 Reminder: Strategy for reduction of emissions Shift modes Reduce the need for transport Improve technology

9 Public Transport : Number One 2003 National Travel Survey 50000 households Public transport use 32% of commuters use private car 25% use taxi 23% walk 8% use bus 6% train

10 More passengers More jobs Attract 10% of car commuters to public transport 200,000 taxi commuters4,5000 jobs 500,000 bus commuters7,000 jobs 800,000 train commuters2,380 jobs Plus 55,640 indirect jobs

11 Bicycles and safe walking Increase current 400,000 bicycles and create jobs in manufacture and bicyle lane construction. Improve health at the same time. Pedestrians account for nearly 5,000 road deaths a year! Create safe walking spaces and “green lungs”

12 Long distance rail Half a million people travel to another centre every month. But currently a hopeless long distance rail system Grow the long distance service by 10% and create 398 new jobs

13 Expand rail freight Increase rail volumes by 18% Create 8,208 jobs

14 Keep trucking volumes steady but reduce emissions Use cleaner fuels – tighter regulation Reduce fuel use – Cut speeds – Run with full loads – Improve driver handling – Better maintenance

15 Promote SA owned shipping – especially coastal 95% of trade volumes by sea, but not a single deep sea merchant ship! Address registration obstacles 300 merchant ships (120 coastal) would create 26,000 ratings jobs and 5,200 for officers Multiplier of 8x in support services Reduce maritime emissions by cutting speed – even more jobs!

16 Reduce aviation emissions Key to reduced aviation emissions is better air traffic control and slower speeds More air traffic controllers More pilots and cabin crew

17 Summary of direct & indirect jobs Bus7,00035,00042,000 Taxi4,50013,50018,000 Comm rail2,3807,1409,420 LD rail3981,1941,592 Rail freight8,20824,62432,832 Seafaring31,200249,600280,800 Total53,486331,058384,644

18 A Win Win! Forward to a low carbon transport future, Foward

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