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African Communities Engagement HPE Conference 2015 Wellington Moyo Yorkshire MESMAC.

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1 African Communities Engagement HPE Conference 2015 Wellington Moyo Yorkshire MESMAC

2  Family fun day events  Football events  Peer educators training  Community organisations partnership How best is our best

3  Focusing on African women.  Afro music.  Children activities (bouncy castle, face painting)  Traditional foods.  Other service providers; Well-Women Centre, Turning Point, Good Samaritans and Family Information. Family fun events

4 Fun Day Event

5 Information Distribution

6 Children Activities

7  ‘This is one occasion I will remember for a long time, people talking to me about HIV & AIDS without sadness on their faces ’..(woman of Malawian origin)  ‘We have hosted many social events in this venue but never before had I seen members of African families in this mood ’…(venue provider) What they said

8 Football Tournaments  Geared at reducing HIV stigma.  HIV workshop before games.  HIV Testing provided.  Condoms and resources distribution.

9 Tournament prizes 11 A-side football kit advertising our HIV support services in Bradford and Wakefield.

10  In Bradford the average attendance is 120 African men and 70 in Wakefield (747 men since 2012).  Increase in HIV testing.  Wide distribution of condoms.  Participants from various cultural background.  National recognition (BBC4 2013). The impact football tournaments

11  Four trainings done in Bradford targeting faith communities.  A total of 92 people from various denominations trained.  Impact - more HIV awareness sessions in various churches.  Development of leaflets targeting faith groups. Peer Educators

12 Peer Educators Training  Pastors and members of various church organisations.  Focusing on changing attitudes and promotion of safer sex practices in religious institutions.

13  Joining hands with BRF, City of Sanctuary, Sharing Voices, BIASAN and others  Participation in community events: Refugee Week, Mela, Black History Month and others.  NHS Sexual Health awareness events.  GP surgeries.  Learning institutions. Partnership with community orgs

14 Partnership working

15  Dynamic needs of the group – no single approach to HIV support needs.  Its not just about information but working together/recognising individual interests.  More time and trust needed to build relationships.  Cultural issues.  Gender barriers.  Funding. Challenges

16 ActivityNumber of Sessions BradfordWakefield Fun Day Events 5564307 Football Tournaments 8527220 Community Orgs 48840370 Peer Educators Training 2720 How we have done it since 2012

17 Activity variations chart Activity peCrentagepeCrentage

18  Faith and community leaders’ training.  Social media (Afrobradford FB page).  Family friendly programmes.  Social capital building.  Schools, colleges and universities programmes.  Involvement of other religious groups (other than Christians).  Developing posters and leaflets targeting faith communities. Sustainable prevention programmes

19  Bradford City Football Club.  Bradford Refugee Forum.  GUM Clinics (Bradford & Wakefield).  Bevan Healthcare.  Turning Point.  HPE.  Yorkshire MESMAC. Without their support we would not have had this success…THANK YOU! We have supporters for our goals

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