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Jim Grams Azaire Networks Chief Technology Officer WiFi and 3G Convergence Made Easy.

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1 Jim Grams Azaire Networks Chief Technology Officer WiFi and 3G Convergence Made Easy

2 Motive to Converge 3G and WiFi Voice + data + multimedia Licensed & unlicensed spectrum / Converged services Hybrid Networks with mobility Widen broadband footprint Lower services delivery cost Exploit unlicensed service areas

3 Benefits for Operator & Users  All services, all devices, unique identify from one service provider  Lower cost on campus mobile communications – voice and data  Full set of services — with complete mobility  Lower capex while improving indoor coverage  Leverage existing investment with evolution to IMS Enterprise Mobile Operator Residence Mobile Operator

4 Role of Hybrid Access Networks  Solves in-building broadband wireless coverage problem  Reduces 3G deployment costs  Facilitates new service offerings, implemented at IP layer  Provides easy migration path among access technologies – today WiFi, tomorrow WiMax  Enables true convergence  Independence of access networks  Common services across different access networks  Integration with existing billing and OSS systems WLAN Access UMTS/3G RAN DSL/Cable Access RADIUS & MAP/SS7 End User Services Functions PSTN GSM/GPRS/ EDGE RAN Internet IMS / PS Services Access Networks Core Functions

5 Operator Core Network Robust Gateway Architecture Simplifies Multi Access Networks M-WSG One platform for mVoIP and Broadband data HLR SCN Packet Services IMS MSC Server UMA Controller Subscriber 802.1x WiFi Any WiFi WiMAX Generic IP Any IP Access

6 Hybrid Network Enhances Mobile Operator Strategy Options  Defend existing voice business model:  Enable lower cost VoIP through Hybrid Networks  Increase minutes through fixed-mobile substitution  Combat encroachment with one number convenience  Reduce costs by exploiting WiFi/WiMax  Increase coverage for mobile broadband  Satisfy customer demand in home, office  Offload heavy data usage from WAN network  Extend with Mobile Broadband Services  Enable new access, and  Offer new, rich IP-based services  Provide comprehensive bundle

7 UMASIP MSC EmulationIMS Solutions Advantages Suppl services Residential focus Advanced services Enterprise focus – IP Centrex Same services, everywhere Simple handoff Multimedia Disadvantages No IMS Evolution Focus is on legacy (CS) devs No enterprise Handoff Techniques not standardized Roadmap Handoff not Standardized (CS2IMS WID) Support for Broadband Data  3GPP I-WLAN based Convergence Gateway Azaire IP CNP functions SEGW and I-WLAN for UMA PDG, TTG VLR PDG, TTG Convergence Approaches Azaire IP CNP Supports All Alternatives

8 Data Path Control Path Ga/ RADIUS Azaire’s IP-CNP Integrates into Carrier’s Existing Network Integrated Service Delivery – 3GPP Compliant Solution Service Control Node Any Vendor’s Core Equipment Operator Core Network Control Path Subscriber Management & Roaming Gr/D/C/ RADIUS/LDAP Charging & Billing Network Management SNMP Metro WSG Data Path Packet Delivery Platform With HA RADIUS WISP Hotspot Carrier Hotspot Enterprise Ethernet Wi-Fi Locations Ethernet Internet

9 Conclusion  Converged services represent an opportunity for mobile carriers to retain lead in innovation and customer satisfaction  Hybrid Networks enable cost-effective ubiquitous mobile broadband access and are most practical approach for network evolution beyond 3G  Azaire Networks solution provides flexibility and enables rich mobile broadband services regardless of convergence path selected ‘Mobile Convergence Made Easy’

10 Azaire Networks  Formed in 2003, headquartered in Santa Clara, California  Offices in Germany, India and the Netherlands  Customers using our solution include T-Mobile, Mobilkom Austria, Rogers Wireless, GoMobile, Optus  Our Mission: Enabling Broadband Mobility for IP Access  Next Generation IP Wireless Networks – 2.5G and Beyond  Easy deployment over IP layer – voice, data and other services are just new applications  Business Model: Selling end-to-end carrier-class infrastructure solutions to operators  Leverage existing core network investments for efficient IP delivery  Products: IP - Converged Network Platform  GSM/WiFi network connectivity with handover based on 3GPP standards  Support for UMA and pre-IMS configurations

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