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Hackney’s Safer Schools Partnership Nicola Baboneau, Community & Partnerships, The Learning Trust.

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1 Hackney’s Safer Schools Partnership Nicola Baboneau, Community & Partnerships, The Learning Trust

2 Government context Safer School Partnerships (SSPs) were launched in 2002 as part of the package of measures introduced by the Prime Minister’s Street Crime Action Group to combat street robberies and related crime in high crime areas

3 2002 – Support from the top! ‘This is another new, powerful initiative. Like The Learning Trust, this is a new approach to raise the standards our children achieve by supporting them to develop their full potential. The police service has a central role in the development of confident and strong communities. We support and welcome their involvement.’ Alan Wood, CE The Learning Trust

4 Partnership in action Where SSPs are most effective, as in Hackney, they are seen as an integral part of local neighbourhood policing and not merely as a police officer attached to a school

5 Hackney’s SSP model Comprises a sergeant, six police officers, schools and a designated Learning Trust lead The team of officers based in secondary schools also support pupil referral units The remit of two officers includes primary schools


7 Why police in schools? A safe school environment promotes respect, responsibility and good behaviour and enhances the prospects of increased educational achievement The Safer School Partnership provides a way forward for schools, working together with the police and others, to deliver these outcomes for children, young people and their communities

8 Hackney’s Children & Young People’s Plan The work of the Safer School Partnership aligns closely to the commitments the Government has made through Every Child Matters, especially in working towards outcomes of Staying Safe and Making a Positive Contribution The focus of the Safer School Partnership is early intervention and prevention

9 Young people and policing The aims are to improve the confidence young people have in policing, provide policing services relevant to young people and enable the MPS to support young people, schools and partners in reducing crime and victimisation The MPS is working closely with the London Youth Crime Prevention Board (LYCPB) to expand and enhance SSPs The way forward is enhancing and developing Safer School Partnerships through Safer Neighbourhoods Policing

10 Positive engagement The scheme encourages the police, children and young people to build good relationships, trust and mutual respect Safer Schools officers continue their operational policing approach, but do so in a way that fulfils a prevention and deterrence role, and supports victims of crime

11 ` I’ve recently started on Safer Schools. It’s a fantastic experience working with young people seeing a very different side of them. Building up trust in students is making a real difference to how they view police’ PC Jean Costello

12 SSP and support for schools Providing a visible presence in and around schools and the local community Providing a point of contact for pupils who need help and support from the police Helping combat truancy and supporting truancy patrols with the Education Attendance Service Investigating incidents of crime, reducing crime and fear of crime in the area of the schools Reducing bullying, street crime and victimisation of young people

13 Raising awareness of the police and the law for young people Initiating and supporting diversionary schemes Providing restorative justice interventions where appropriate Promoting effective information sharing relating to young offenders and those most at risk of offending with a view to accessing earlier intervention and support Providing support to deliver a programme explaining the Criminal Justice System in relation to controlled drugs

14 Addressing Hackney’s priorities Effective engagement is linked with action, increasingly ensuring young people are part of solving problems Resources are focused on activities related to performance targets within the policing plan, in particular reducing serious violence and protecting young people

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