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BELLRINGER What is the purpose of email? Who uses it?

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1 BELLRINGER What is the purpose of email? Who uses it?


3 What is E-mail? Electronic mail sent and received on a network or the internet Uses store and forward technology – An email server receives/forwards the email for the appropriate recipient and stores the email until the recipient opens it

4 Email Server Provides email services to individuals who have access to the network All email accounts are stored on email servers

5 Email Client Software Microsoft Outlook Used to read, write and send email

6 How Do I Get Email? Accounts can be opened with your internet service provider – AOL, Verizon, Egyptian, New Wave (Time Warner) Or through a web account – Yahoo, Google, Hotmail

7 Email Address Format 1 st Username (suziestudent) 2 nd @ symbol 3 rd Email Server Name ( The @ symbol separates the username from the email server name

8 Creating Your Email Address Keep it professional! Bballstud, prettygirl, volleyballhottie, iluvbieber, loveonedirection are not appropriate usernames Using your name is easy to remember and professional Colleges and potential employers will contact you via email, you do not want to be embarrassed

9 Email Etiquette What is etiquette? – The conduct or procedure required by authority to be observed in official life Why is it important in email? – The way you type an email says a lot about you. Your use of punctuation, spelling, and grammar says a lot about your attention to detail.

10 Email Etiquette USE ALL CAPS Discuss confidential information Forward chain letters Use spell check and grammar check Use the High Priority Option Keep emails short and to the point

11 10/15/2012 Bellringer: Why is etiquette so important when sending an email? Schedule: Work on Research. » When finished I will check it. Then you may begin PPT.

12 10/17/2012 Bellringer: What is a distribution list? And, what is its purpose? (If you do not know the answer, look it up) Schedule: Finish Email Etiquette PPT Present PPT’s (volunteers) Review previously covered information

13 10/18/2012 Bellringer: This week is CTE Week. What does that mean? And, why is it important to this school? Schedule: Finish Email Information – Notes

14 Your Email Road Map


16 Read and Unread Emails Read Unread

17 Deleting Emails After you have deleted an email from your Inbox it is stored in the Deleted Items folder To permanently delete an email, you must delete it from the Deleted Items folder

18 Reading Emails Emails can be read through the reading pane Allows you to read messages without opening them Attachments are not automatically opened in the reading pane so there are no security issues OR, Emails can be downloaded by clicking the Send/Rcv button on the toolbar


20 Sending an Email

21 Emails can be sent “High Priority” Notifies the recipient that message must be read and responded to quickly Should not be used regularly

22 Sending an Email All emails should have a subject line You can attach documents to your email using the attach button You can add a signature to your email using the signature button

23 Sending an Email Signature Line to display at the bottom of sent emails

24 Sending an Email You can request a read receipt to ensure delivery

25 Managing Your Contacts


27 Contacts can be managed through distribution lists Distribution lists allow you to send to a group of people without inputting individual email addresses (ex. Family, FBLA Advisors, Employees) How to create a distribution list will vary from email client to email client, but is very similar

28 Managing Your Contacts This is a distribution list.

29 10/22/2012 Bellringer: Write down everything you have Learned in this unit. (Remember our KWL Chart) Schedule: Quiz! Take the bully free pledge Microsoft Word Practice- create a flyer for a Fall Festival using pictures, word art, etc.

30 10/23/2012 What is the purpose of social media? Schedule: – Go over quiz – Social Media Reading – 1, 2, 3, 4 for Reading

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