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Financial Aid 858.569.1866.

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1 Financial Aid 858.569.1866

2 How much does college cost?

3 Registration Fees Only University of California $13,200 California State University $7,025 California Community College $1,104 Private Universities $32,100

4 University of California Total $31,245 Fees/ Tuition $13,456 Books and supplies $1,509 Room and board $12,254 Transportation $771 Miscellaneous $3,255

5 Cal State Total $26,158 Fees/ Tuition $6,866 Books and supplies $1,762 Room and board $14,745 Transportation $1,420 Miscellaneous $1,365

6 Community College Total $11,645 Fees/ Tuition $1,142 Books and supplies $1,710 Room and board $4,518 Transportation $1,179 Miscellaneous $3,096

7 How do I pay for college?

8 Paying for Your Education Personal Savings Scholarships Grants & Loans

9 Federal Pell Work Study Loans California Cal Grants Middle Class Scholarship Scholarships Foster Youth Grant Institutional Aid FAFSA Package

10 What is FAFSA? Free Application for Federal Student Aid

11 How the FAFSA determines your Financial Aid The amount of money you receive is based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) EFC= The amount your family is expected to pay for your college based on family income Total Cost of Attendance EFC Financial Need

12 For Example You have 3 colleges in mind UCSD [living on campus] UCSD [living on campus] $31,245 $26,158 SDSU [living on campus] SDSU [living on campus] $1,000 Mesa College [living at home] Mesa College [living at home] $1,000 $30,245 $25,158 $11,645 Cost of Attendance EFC Financial Need $1,000 $10,645

13 What should I do next?

14 Step 1 Both Students and Parents must apply for a PIN Step 2 Complete the FAFSA online before March 2 FAFSA Process: Getting Started

15 Step 3: What You Need to Complete the FAFSA Social Security #Financial Records/ Tax Return FormsEmail Address Driver’s License Number (if you have one)

16 Step 4 Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) and California Aid Report (CAR) Step 5 Receive financial aid packages from each of your colleges of interest FAFSA Process: Follow Up

17 Federal Aid Pell Grant Up to $5,500 Determined by EFC Work Study Awarded by individual college Work on/off campus Amount received only if you work Loans SubsidizedUnsubsidizedPrivate

18 Cal Grants: A, B, CInstitutional Grant State Aid

19 Cal Grants Cal Grants A, B, & C Degree/ License Pursued GPA Income

20 Cal Grant GPA Verification Requirement Uploaded by high school Deadline March 2 nd

21 Dream Act

22 DREAM ACT STUDENTS (no social security #) Submit Application Online Beginning January 1 st Due March 2 nd DREAM ACT STUDENTS (no social security #) Submit Application Online Beginning January 1 st Due March 2 nd ***DO NOT USE FAFSA APPLICATION

23 Dream Act Eligibility Requirements File an affidavit with college or university stating that you intend to file and application to legalize your immigration status Graduate from a CA High School Attend a CA High School for 3 or more years 1 3 2

24 Middle Class Scholarship

25 Funding provided for students from households with incomes between $100,000 to $150,000 Must be a California resident or exempt from nonresidential tuition under AB540 Must Maintain a 2.0 grade point average How to apply: Submit FAFSA or Dream act and a Cal Grant GPA verification form by MARCH 2nd


27 California Chafee Grant for Foster Youth Eligibility Have financial need certified by school Can use at a college outside California Began Foster care between 16-22 Maintain 2.0 GPA

28 How to apply for Chafee Grant by March 2 nd 1 Obtain PIN 2 Complete FAFSA application 3 Complete Chafee Application

29 What is it? How it works: Only for Community college students that have financial need Separate from FAFSA Application Apply at Waives Enrollment fees (tuition) Assistance for the purchase of books and supplies must be applied for separately BOG Waiver

30 WebGrants 4 Students Create an account at Monitor & Manage your Cal Grants Use to update your personal information, school changes, leave of absence, etc. Also provides resources, information, and tools to assist with the college financial aid process

31 FAFSA Workshops

32 Attend a Cash For College Workshop! Jan 24: 9am-12pm  Lincoln High School  San Ysidro High School Jan 31: 9am-12pm  Monte Vista High School  Bayview Baptist Church  San Diego High School Feb 7: 9am-12pm  Serra High School  El Camino High School  Montgomery High School Feb 21: 9am-12pm  El Cajon High School  CSU San Marcos  Hoover High School  Chula Vista High School Feb 28: 9am-12pm  Orange Glen High School  Greater Victory Church  Mission Bay High School  Eastlake High School

33 Contacting Cal-SOAP… Meet with your College Peer Advisor (CPA) Visit the Cal-SOAP website at for information and current events for high school students! Remember, we are here for YOU!

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