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SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MUSIC AND TEENS Samantha Duran Bis. 25 Professor Scott.

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1 SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MUSIC AND TEENS Samantha Duran Bis. 25 Professor Scott

2 Speeding up Childhood ◦The more often teens incorporate sexually degrading music in their everyday life, the more likely they are to start having sexual intercourse at a young age ◦The messages being sent through these ◦Teens learn vulgar vocabulary from listening to sexually explicit songs ◦Teen boys believe it is okay to degrade young girls because they are use to seeing it day in and day out on the videos that artist be producing ◦In videos produced for sexually explicit songs, show men insulting women that have just enough clothes to cover their private parts. ◦Teens start seen misconduct as a normal things, since artist do it and suffer no consequences ◦Girls in there teens try and dress just like the women they see on the media being half naked ◦Teens want to dress themselves how they see artist or their idols on all types of media

3 QUOTES ◦“musicians who use this type of sexual imagery are communicating something very specific about what sexual roles are appropriate and teen listeners may act on these messages.” Most teens don’t have a mindset of what is right and wrong. So when they look up to musicians and listen to their lyrics, they believe that they have to do that since their idol or favorite rapper is saying it

4 ◦“…It is hard for them because there are so many ads in magazines and on TC that are displaying provocative clothing.”

5 Hormones Hormonal phases are obviously common when growing up. ◦ It comes natural to be curious about different sexual behaviors. ◦With music artist being so influential and role models to everyone around the world, they become looked up upon by young teenagers who dream of becoming successful one day ◦With that being said, it is easier for these teens to act, dress, talk, and behave similar to their ideal “rolemodels”

6 Behavior Teens who listen to act on this type of music, are likely to behave different then other teens who listen to a different genre of music. ◦Studies show that sexually degrading music has a more negative affect on teens than any other genre. ◦It’s the way these music artist tell their message of the song, they refer to women as sex objects and men view themselves as a higher power over women which degrades woman and soon carries on to young teens portraying that

7 Why This Topic Matters to Me… ◦The reason for choosing this topic because it really does concern me how teens act in todays society ◦It somewhat bothers me that these teens act no where similar to how I use to act at their age ◦What concerns me most, is that it is only getting worse and worse every year and by the time my kid is a teenager who knows how quick he/she will loose their innocence

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