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Year 5 Sharing assembly Robots. Asimo humanoid robot.

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1 Year 5 Sharing assembly Robots


3 Asimo humanoid robot

4 A robot is any machine that can move independently and do different tasks without human help. It doesn't need to look like a human. Remote controlled objects are not robots nor are they computers, but both of these are important parts of robotics.

5 The word robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’ which means ‘forced labour’. The word was first used in a play in 1920 made by Karel Capek called Rossom’s Universal Robots.

6 1954 saw the first programmable robot Before 1954, robots were only seen in films and were only science fiction Nowadays, robots are leaving the cinema screens and coming into everyday life There are over millions robots over the world

7 Robots do a variety of jobs. Robots can reach parts that humans cannot. To the outer reaches of space, the depths of the ocean, the centre of a volcano and even beneath the rumble of fallen buildings, robots are saving lives !

8 Some robots are designed for going in space. These robots collect soil and samples from the moon, mars and other planets. They can take pictures and find out what the planet is like. Robonaut is a test robot built by NASA to work as a construction worker in space. It has two arms that can grip and use a range of tools.

9 Many robots work undersea. They map the ocean floor, monitor sea life or unearth shipwrecks. Robots can journey to unknown points of the sea. Robots can stay underwater for many days at a time. Robots like Deep Drone can help recover crashed ships and aircraft from underwater

10 Rescue robots are useful in battle fields because they can help dispose bombs, transport needed weaponry and can make areas safe. Also, robots can rescue people from fires instead of putting real people in danger. As well as helping people from fires, rescue robots can check if there are any survivors in a destroyed building. Rescue robots can also be helpful because they do not feel pressure, they do not need food and they can keep doing what their doing for as long as they want


12 Robots can be built to explore places to dangerous for humans to visit. They can take pictures and send back useful information, without putting people at risk Robot on mars In the volcano This eight-legged robot is called Dante II. Nomad Rover is the size of a small car. It has trekked through hot deserts and icy lands on its own, collecting information for scientists at home. In Antarctica it discovered 5 meteorites.


14 Robots At Home The latest robots are doing useful jobs around the house. Robots are now sometimes being waiters. Robot guard dog patrols the house checking that everything is safe. PaPeRos wander around the house looking for someone to talk to.


16 On a farm, a robot can shear sheep for hours without getting tired. A scarebot can scare away crows 24/7. A robot can plant seeds endlessly- a boring, slow job for humans Look at robots building cars, they rarely make mistakes

17 Disadvantages Robots are taking jobs that humans normally do! They can malfunction!

18 We hope that you have found our robot facts interesting. You are welcome to come to our classroom and see our robot work! Thank you for listening.

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