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UCAS and the University Application Process © IntoUniversity 2015.

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1 UCAS and the University Application Process © IntoUniversity 2015

2 UCAS Quiz! How much do you already know? © IntoUniversity 2015

3 Question 1: What is UCAS? a) The organisation that helps you write your personal statement b) The organisation that decides whether or not you get into university c) The organisation that manages undergraduate applications to university in the UK © IntoUniversity 2015

4 Question 2: What does UCAS stand for? a) Undergraduate Competency Appraisal Sector b) Universities and Colleges Accreditation Service c) Universities and Colleges Application Service © IntoUniversity 2015

5 Question 3: Which of these things are included in your UCAS application? a) Grades b) University and course choices c) Personal statement d) School reports from year 9 onwards © IntoUniversity 2015

6 Question 4: What’s the maximum number of courses I can apply for? a) 3 b) 7 c) 5 © IntoUniversity 2015

7 Question 5: What other things might some universities ask for as part of the application process? a) An interview b) A portfolio c) An audition d) An admissions test © IntoUniversity 2015

8 Question 6: What is a Conditional Offer? a) An offer from a university giving an applicant a place with no academic requirements. b) An offer from a university giving an applicant a place if they meet certain requirements. c) An offer from a university giving an applicant a deferred place. © IntoUniversity 2015

9 Question 7: How will I know if I have been given a conditional offer by a university I have applied to? a) The university will phone me b) I will be sent a letter c) My teachers will tell me d) By checking online © IntoUniversity 2015

10 Question 8: What are UCAS Points? a) Points that you get for completing your application b) A conversion of your school attendance into points for easy comparison. c) A conversion of your grades into points for easy comparison. d) Points that universities award you for the quality of your application. © IntoUniversity 2015

11 Question 9: What is UCAS Extra? a) An extra feature of UCAS that you have to pay for b) A way of applying for more courses if you’re not holding any offers from your original 5 choices c) A way of adding more information to your application to make you a more appealing candidate © IntoUniversity 2015

12 Question 10: Who can use Clearing? a) Students who haven’t got the grades they need for any of their existing offers b) Students who either didn’t get any offers or turned offers down from their first application c) Students who submitted their UCAS applications after 30 th June © IntoUniversity 2015

13 Question 11: Who is the Adjustment process for? a) For people who get better grades than expected and want to find an alternative course. b) For people who change their minds before results day and want to change their course selection. c) For people who decide they no longer want to go to university. © IntoUniversity 2015

14 Question 12: Where do you go to apply for a university place? a) To the specific university’s website. b) To your school. c) © IntoUniversity 2015

15 Question 13: What is a Firm Choice? a) A university that an applicant is likely to get an offer from. b) A university offer that an applicant accepts as their first choice. c) A university offer than an applicant accepts as their second/ backup choice. d) The first university to offer an applicant a place. © IntoUniversity 2015

16 It’s not about what you have done, but what you have gained from it. Introduction to Personal Statements © IntoUniversity 2015

17 What should you be doing and when? Key Dates Race © IntoUniversity 2015

18 What to do next? Results Day Scenarios © IntoUniversity 2015

19 Overview of Workshops ModuleWorkshop Title and Topic 1Why Higher Education? Introduction to the benefits of choosing higher education 2Choosing the Right Course Looks at the key factors to be considered 3 4Introduction to Personal Statements Students plan their own statements using a structured approach 5Preparing for Interviews Acquiring effective verbal and non verbal communication skills 6Preparing to Go to University Practical steps to having a smooth transition from home to university life 7Student Finance Overview of the main areas of student finance and information on how to apply The Supplementary Schools Project Teacher’s Toolkit consists of: © IntoUniversity 2015

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