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SS and Writing Standards

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1 SS and Writing Standards
SS Understand the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizens living in a democratic republic society and CC W1 Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information

2 Objectives Write an opinion essay regarding the importance of one of the provisions of the 1st Amendment Are these objectives related to the standards? How?

3 Discuss Why are these objectives/skills (to write opinion essays clearly) important? What are the components of a well-written opinion essay? Think about the rubric and how you will be assessed.

4 The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
What is the U.S. constitution? What are the amendments? Why are they necessary? What are the provisions of the 1st Amendment? How do these laws help individuals and society? What would life be without them?

5 The First Amendment: Freedom of Religion
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution prevents the government from setting up or establishing an official religion of the country. American Citizens have the freedom to attend a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or other house of worship of their choice. They can also choose to not be involved in any religion as well. Because of the First Amendment, we can practice our religion however we want to. - See more at: amendment#sthash.GuPceshT.dpuf

6 The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech: The First Amendment of the United States Constitution stops the government from making any laws that may stop us from saying what we feel or think. The American people have the right to share their opinions with other people or criticize the government. - See more at: amendment#sthash.GuPceshT.dpuf

7 The First Amendment: Freedom of the Press
Freedom of the press: Freedom of the press means we have the right to get information from many different sources of information. The government does not have the power to control what is broadcasted on radio or TV, what is printed in books or newspapers, or what is offered online. American citizens can request time on TV to respond to any views that they disagree with. They can also write letters to newspapers, which might be printed for others readers to see. Americans can also pass out leaflets that state their opinions. They may also their own online web pages that have their opinions. - See more at: amendment#sthash.GuPceshT.dpuf

8 The First Amendment: Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of assembly: American citizens have the right to come together in private and public gatherings. Citizens can join groups for religious, social, recreational, or political reasons. By organizing in order to act on a common idea and accomplish a common goal, American citizens can more easily spread their ideas to others. - See more at: amendment#sthash.GuPceshT.dpuf

9 The First Amendment: Right to Petition
Right to petition: The right to petition the government means that American citizens can ask for adjustments or changes in the government. Citizens can do this by collecting signatures for petitions and sending them to elected representatives. They can also call, , or write to their elected representatives as well. Another way they can petition the government is by creating support groups that try to cause change by lobbying the government. - See more at: amendment#sthash.GuPceshT.dpuf

10 Choose Your Favorite 1st Amendment Provision
Think about one of the provisions of the 1st Amendment you think is important. Discuss and explain. What would life be like without it? Explain. How has it made life easier for you and others? Explain.

11 Strategies How will you decide what First Amendment provision you feel most strongly about? Why did you choose this particular provision? How will you search for information on the Internet (what search engines will you use and what search queries may be helpful?) How will you approach pre-writing and writing strategies? Discuss with your peers.

12 Task Students will research the First Amendment and write 2-3 paragraphs on explaining the importance of it Be specific and use specific examples from your research to support why the First Amendment is important List at least one citation (where you got your information from)

13 Model Essay The Importance of the 1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech
By: Dr. Artrip In my opinion, the provision of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that provides United States citizens the “Freedom of Speech” is extremely important for any democratic republic society. “Freedom of Speech” means our government cannot prevent us from saying what we think; we are entitled to speak our minds about our own opinions. Furthermore, the First Amendment protects several types of expression, including “ the freedom to create and distribute movies, pictures, songs, dances, and all other forms of expressive communication.” This freedom is necessary to protect people. Yet, there are limits. For example, it is not legal for people to defame or damage the reputations of others. Likewise, speech cannot be used to create violence or threaten the national security of our nation. I believe freedom of speech is important so people can express their point of views and not be afraid of being hurt or incarcerated for stating their thoughts. On the other hand, I agree there are limits. Our country should not tolerate any communications (oral or written) that are based on untrue statements that could damage people’s reputations or incite violence. In conclusion, I firmly believe the “Freedom of Speech” provision of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is critical for the citizens of our country. Citations:

14 Rubric: How Will You be Assessed?

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