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{ Your Checking Account Senior Advisory May 26, 2015.

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1 { Your Checking Account Senior Advisory May 26, 2015

2  Location, Location, Location  Can you get to your money when you need it?  Do the banks your are considering have the services you need? Online banking? ATM options?  What are their fees?  Hours? Do you need late hours, weekends? Selecting Your Bank

3 Open Your Account  After you’ve done your research, choose a bank that best suits your needs and open an account.

4  Always sign your checks the same way you sign the sign the Signature Card  Always use ink, pencil can be erased  Write clearly and neatly  Be sure all figures are legible  If you make a mistake, do not white out, write void in large letters on the front of the documents and write another one. When using your checking account remember the above…….

5 Deposit Slip  This is a typical deposit slip. You usually get three to five deposit slips at the end of your checkbook. If you make a deposit in the bank, you’ll need to fill out a deposit slip. All deposit slips contain all the necessary information for you to deposit money in your account.  Many ATMs and online banking deposits no longer require deposit slips.

6 Three Types of Endorsements  Endorsing a check means you are giving permission for someone to cash it.  You can endorse a check to yourself and cash it.  You can endorse a check to yourself and deposit it into your account.  You can endorse a check to someone else and give them the money on the check.

7  Keep track of every transaction  Write it in your register or on your computer program/app.  Keep ATM and POS (point of sale) receipts until you record them  Reconcile your checkbook monthly Notes About Checkbook Records


9  Touch – Tone Banking  Check balance, activity, and transfers  Direct Deposit  Your paycheck goes directly into account  ATM – Automatic Teller Machine  Can get cash as well as other banking tasks  Automatic Payments  Pay bills automatically each month  Internet Banking  Full access to your account and can do many things  Debit Cards  Used like a credit card, money comes out of account 21 st Century Banking

10  From your phone, computer, or tablet, some banks allow you to:  Check account balances  Transfer funds  Make payments  But you should beware:  There could be fees associated with these transactions.  SECURITY!!!!! Smartphone/Online Banking

11  Ask lots of questions when you open your account.  Read the literature the bank gives you when you open an account. You need to fully understand all the hidden costs.  Keep everything confidential.  Always balance your account! You will incur FEES if you bounce a check or overdraw your account, so be sure you know how much money you have before you start spending!! When it’s time……

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