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Live Meeting APIs Robert Devine Program Manager Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Live Meeting APIs Robert Devine Program Manager Microsoft Corporation

2 Agenda Live Meeting Service Overview Live Meeting APIs

3 Live Meeting is the effective meeting solution that enables you to work together successfully no matter where you are Web Conferencing In Action Document Review Team/Staff Meetings Brainstorming General Working Meetings Employee Professional Development Product Training for Customer or Partners IT Applications Training “Virtual Classroom” or Blended Learning Product Launches Lead Generation Web Seminars Corporate Communications Investor Relations Collaborative Meetings Work Together in Real Time Regardless of Location Work Together in Real Time Regardless of LocationTraining Get Employees, Customers and Partners up to Speed Events Communicate with Thousands in a Single Event

4 Live Meeting Service Perspective In operation since 1999 (as PlaceWare) Thousands of customers, millions of users range from individuals to large enterprises Scalable Individual meetings with 1000+ attendees Running over billion minutes a year Security audits by 3rd parties

5 Clients Of Live Meeting Enterprise Live Meeting Service Download on Demand Guest User Client Meeting Client Meeting Client IT Install Enterprise Clients Meeting Client Meeting Client Outlook Addin Outlook Addin

6 Building On Live Meeting 2005 Training Application Sharing Annotations Q&A Manager Internet Audio Broadcast Registration Polling & Web Tours Chat Add-Ins for Outlook Scheduling & PowerPoint Meeting Reports Collaborative Meetings Document Viewer Application Sharing with Remote Control Whiteboard Audio Conferencing Controls Add-ins for Outlook Scheduling, Office Collaboration & IM SharePoint Web Parts Events PowerPoint Viewer Q&A Manager Internet Audio Broadcast RegistrationPolling Print to PDF Seating Chart & Mood Indicators Live Meeting Replay

7 Introduction to the Live Meeting XML APIs Provides programmatic access to LM service Enables customers and partners to build custom solutions Provides much of the web front-end functionality Meeting management, User Management, Recordings and content, security and authentication, Reporting Some common uses LMS integration, productivity tools, single-sign on products Our own Outlook add-ins use the APIs

8 Integration examples Word: Outlook: Messenger:

9 Custom Interfaces You can build your own branded portal UI on top of the LM APIs

10 Live Meeting XML API Technical Introduction API requests/responses are sent using XML over HTTPS LM front-end has an API processor that handles all requests LM front-end has an API processor that handles all requests API processor communicates with other LM servers and databases and sends responses back Any programming language can be used to access the APIs C#, Java, C++, ASP.Net etc.

11 Interacting with the Live Meeting APIs Intranet Web server Reporting Database Partner User Billing Live Meeting API Processor Live Meeting Database Corporate Firewall Direct User Live Meeting Application Live Meeting Servers Live Meeting Web Interface Live Meeting Consoles Data Extract Partner UI

12 Why use the Live Meeting APIs? Enables integration Integrate with other Line of Business and productivity applications Link to central directory services (LDAP), billing systems, eLearning systems, etc. Enables flexibility Allows customized access to service Create custom entry pages, reports, etc. Prevent users from accessing functions Enables automation Programmatically perform activities in service Reduce the number of manual administrative activities Batch processing, automatic updating

13 API Components The API functions can be grouped into the following broad feature areas: Security & Authentication Reporting & Attendance Content Management User & Group Management Meeting Management

14 API Capabilities Overview MeetingUser & GroupContentReportingSecurity Create meetings Modify meetings Delete meetings Reassign ownership Store meta-data about meeting Administrative batch processing User management Create, Modify, Delete users Retrieve and modify user profiles Set user defaults Ability to store meta-data about users Enable/disable printing, recording, app sharing Group management Create, Modify, Delete groups Administrative batch processing Meeting entry Send participants to a meeting, without needing to fill out entry form Entry tracking Customers can track where people came from Tickets for Single- Sign-On (SSO) LDAP integration Rich Queries Show meetings between date/time 1 and date/time 2 Exact match or wildcard ‘like’ searching on name, billing, mid, opaque[1,2], owner, title fields Exporting data Polling results Attendance Show participants to meeting ‘xyz’ Upload meeting content Download recordings Download links to view recordings Download actual recording files for editing, archiving, rehosting, etc.

15 More API Information Visit the Live Meeting developer web site: Visit the Live Meeting developer web site: Live Meeting API Guide Discussion Groups Support

16 © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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