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Grip-it PUBLICITY GUIDELINES for APPROVED SUBPROJECTS Participants Seminar – September 2006 Manuela Fischanger Responsible for Component 4 – Info and Pubblicity.

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1 Grip-it PUBLICITY GUIDELINES for APPROVED SUBPROJECTS Participants Seminar – September 2006 Manuela Fischanger Responsible for Component 4 – Info and Pubblicity

2 Publicity rules Basic rules for communication Contacts - 16.02.2006 Contents

3 Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1159/2000 on information and publicity measures to be carried out by the Member States concerning assistance from the Structural Funds (OJ L130 of 31.05.2000) Council Regulation (EC) No. 1260/1999, Article 46 laying down general provisions on the Structural Funds (OJL161 of 21 June 1999) 1. Publicity rules Legal Base

4 1. Publicity rules These regulations: Establish communication as core task, strategically as important as other management activities. State that communication measures should be programmed, structured, reported and evaluated State aims of communication, essential target groups and message content Define set of obligations to be met! Legal Base

5 Obligations/Tasks Inform general public about the role played by the Community concerning assistance and its results. Increase public awareness and transparency regarding the regional policy activities of the EU. Create coherent picture of the assistance across all Member States involved. Show programme funds which are taken up and used as effectively as possible Convey reasons for funding and results achieved by the Structural Funds. 1. Publicity rules

6 Responsibilities In particular since INTERREG IIIC projects are essentially based on exchange and dissemination of experience, including dissemination of activities and results to a wider European audience Proactive communication is clearly a prerequisite for any successful project implementation Communication is clearly at the heart of any INTERREG IIIC project. 1. Publicity rules

7 Monitoring Communication will be part of reporting duties, once your sub-project is up and running. You will report about your related activities and results and thus send us, for instance: publicity plans, press releases, brochures, any other publications, published articles, reports about website development and updates as well as user statistics (hits), statistics on target audiences reached (e.g. through events or mailings), etc. 1. Publicity rules

8 Some Rules „Publications (such as booklets, leaflets and newsletters) about regional assistance part-financed by the Structural Funds shall contain a clear indication on the title page of the European Union‘s participation and, where appropriate, that of the Fund concerned as well as the Community emblem [...]“ * This does also apply for electronic media (websites, databases) or audio-visual material !

9 1. Publicity rules Some Rules „The organisers of information events such as conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions in connection with the implementation of operations part-financed by the Structural Funds shall make the Community contribution to these assistance packages explicit by displaying the European flag in meeting rooms and using the Community emblem on documents.“

10 1. Publicity rules Publicity requirements Sub-project websites should contain links to: Grip-it website ( Regional partners websites Interreg 3C website (

11 1. Publicity rules Publicity requirements Any relevant project documentation should display on their title page: The INTERREG IIIC East logo The EU emblem including the text: „Project part-financed by the European Union“ The Grip-it logo (these logos are available from the “downloads” section of the grip-it website) The sub-project logo

12 1. Publicity rules Subsidy contract provisions …furthermore, based on the subsidy contract… any notice or publication by the sub-project, in whatever form and medium, including tne Internet, must specify that it reflects the author’s views. T he GRIP-IT RFO team has the right to publish certain information about your sub-project, including your progress reports, on the INTERNET.

13 2. Basic rules for communication: E-mail is the official medium for communication at RFO level English is the official language for documents, activities and communications Communicate your logo and website to the grip-it webservice to let them available from our website Communicate names and addresses of effective contact persons for each subproject and participant …achieving and communicating your activities and results are key for the success of this programme, so please remember:

14 2. Basic rules for communication: Communicate in due time date and agenda of activities to the main partners of Grip-it Set them on your website, together with any related presentation or publication Main imperatives to be followed implementing info and publicity measures are: To disseminate the results achieved and the good practices To ensure transparency in the use of public funds. …as regards the organization of meetings and events:

15 Grip-it Contact persons 3. Contacts Lead Partner – Hradec Kralove Region (Rep. Ceca) project manager: Iva Kruncikova tel. +420 495 817 361 – Iva Kruncikova e-mail tel. +420 495 817 420 – Tomas Trunec e-mail Regione Basilicata Biagio Perretti tel. +39 347 3780750 e-mail West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency (Ungheria) Erika Fulop tel. +36-96-319-467 e-mail;; Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia Manuela Fischanger tel. +39 40 3775996 e-mail Webservice:

16 For more information If you have any questions related to information and communication, you can contact the communication officer of JTS East: Claus Schultze INTERREG IIIC East Joint Technical Secretariat Schlesinger Platz 2 1080 Vienna, Austria Tel: +43 (0)1 4000 76142 Fax: +43 (0)1 4000 99 76142 Email: Or visit the Programme’s website at 3. Contacts

17 Thank you for your attention.

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