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February 27, 2015 112 Speech & Hearing Science Bldg.

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1 February 27, 2015 112 Speech & Hearing Science Bldg

2  Get Illinois license immediately when you graduate!  Saves you from potentially having to take additional courses should the program, ISBE or state law requirements change. This is extremely important!  Provides permanent record of licensure  Other states may not certify you without Illinois licensure first  Applying with the COTE (in and of itself) is no protection against changes!!! You must Claim license (directions will be provided)!

3 ◦ Fill out the form completely (if there’s an entry, there’s a reason for it). ◦ Despite what the directions on the coversheet say (this form is a generic form for numerous programs), turn form in to Patty  She will turn it in to us when she has all the documentation she requires of you.

4 Entitlement Request Form Name  Must use name that appears on Banner  If your name has changed, have it changed in UIUC’s records. Mailing address  Most permanent address

5  Date of Birth  Must have in order to process (mostly just to make sure it’s you). Month/Year Program Completion  This should be the month/year you will be completing ALL necessary requirements for licensure. Degree  Put type of degree you are earning (must have master’s)

6 Email address. Very Important!!!!  This is where we will notify you to go online to complete licensure process  Do NOT use your UIUC account  Instead, use a hotmail or gmail account-whatever you wish  Check regularly  Check your spam and junk folder Phone number  # where we can reach you w/questions

7  Type of License  Professional Educator License  Endorsed in Speech Language Pathologist-Non- teaching Program  Speech Language Pathologist

8  Read small print  Print name, sign, and date form Verification of Experience Form  IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE (This sheet is for administrative folks only)  Turn application in to Patty ◦ Unsigned applications will be returned ◦ Retain a copy for yourself

9  Final audit is based on SPSHS evaluation provided by Patty.  Make sure courses listed match records  Non-UI courses must have transcripts attached  Transcripts must come from SHS  (we don’t accept unofficial transcripts)  Nothing can be done until we have this/these documents

10 Requirements Needed Prior to Recommendation for Licensure Appropriate test scores (see next slide) Departmental Recommendation from Patty Satisfactory completion of internship Passing grades for required courses (C or better) Masters Degree (has to appear on transcripts) Obviously this may pose problems for employment. Speak to Patty or my office to see if we can help.

11 Testing  Required tests: ◦ 1) Basic Skills (reading, writing, grammar, mathematics)(096, or (300)), or Test of Academic Proficiency (400) (this test should have already been passed for admission into program)  Or  ACT (plus writing) with a composite score of 22 and a 19 on the English/writing portion. ◦ 2) Speech Language Pathologist: Nonteaching (154)  Make sure SSN is correct  Make sure scores are sent to UIUC (052)  Keep your scores forever!

12  Your licensure is not complete until the following steps are completed.  Do not think you are licensed or protected against changes until they are completed!  Every year we have people who (apparently) disregard this step and almost always have problems later.  If you have problems or cannot complete the following steps, contact us or ISBE. Don’t ignore problems, thinking or hoping they will go away.

13  We will notify you by e-mail after we’ve recommended you for licensure (roughly 3 weeks after graduation) ◦ We will provide a link and instructions which you need to access and follow.  Go to “Educator Access”  Create an account or, if you already have an account, log on to Educator Licensure System (“ELIS/Educator Credentials”)  Follow directions completely  Be prepared to pay with credit card  Be sure to register license online  If you don’t register it, it will become “lapsed.”

14  Once the above steps are completed school administrators who have your IEIN (Illinois Educator Identification Number) can verify that you are licensed.  You will hold a Professional Educator License (PEL) endorsed in Speech Language Pathologist, Non- teaching ◦ Certification in other States  Likely based on completion of approved program and licensure in Illinois  May have form for COTE to fill out – Send to us!  We have out of state contact information on our website ( under “Links” and the “U.S. Teacher Certification Offices”

15 Contact Information ◦ Jeff Buck  ◦ Brenda Clevenger Evans  ◦ Council on Teacher Education  505 E. Green Street, Suite 202 Champaign, IL 61820  Above Cold Stone and Nat’l City Bank

16 ◦ When E-mailing  Include UIN  Pick either me or Brenda(not both)  No appointments by email. Call 333-7195 to schedule.  Urgent matters? Don’t use email unless we contacted you via that route.

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