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Mission Statement: To provide skills for tomorrow's workforce.

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2 Mission Statement: To provide skills for tomorrow's workforce

3 The Job Application Form Your application is the first sample of your work that employers will see! Sell yourself by describing an interesting, enthusiastic worker!

4 How important is the application? It screens you out or in! You are making your first impression! Creates the schema for the interview!

5 Purpose of Applications Obtain information about you Determine how neat you are Find out whether or not you can use standard English

6 What to bring:  Two black pens  Correction fluid  Previous experience dates  Permission from three references  Phone numbers  Pocket-size dictionary

7 Tips for a good application Read the entire application Ask to take the application home Print neatly Complete every blank Sell yourself

8 The Application Process  Keep your application form neat and clean  Follow directions carefully and completely  Check your spelling  Sign the job application form  Read over your completed form

9 Application Abbreviations cocompany dobdate of birth zipzip code ffemale mmale htheight wtweight ss#social security number momonth nonumber teltelephone number yryear

10 Commonly Used Vocabulary on Applications confidentiality reference occupation bonded position signature surname maiden name maternal paternal residence spouse marital status convicted personal personnel compensation qualifications referral dependent dependant permanent previously eligibility disability





15 Helpful Hints Use black ink or type Read carefully whether to write first or last name first Education – write last school attended first Work Experience – write last job held first

16 Helpful Hints Careful on reasons for leaving Fill in all blanks – NA When asked about salary – put open or negotiable Include phone number Always pick up two applications

17 You Don’t Have To Answer Questions About Race Religion Sex Marital Status Children Financial Status

18 Top 10 Mistakes Misspelled words Crossed out writing Failure to print Wrinkled application Folded application Incomplete information Unanswered Questions Incomplete work history Late – deadline Neglecting to sign

19 BEFORE YOU WRITE ALWAYS… Read the ENTIRE application Make several copies

20 Practice Time! Fill out two applications DON’T FORGET TO BRING TWO APPLICATIONS TOMORROW!

21 Application Evaluation Rate the application from 1-10 on neatness. Did this person misspell words? Are mistakes crossed out? Is the application complete? Is the application signed?

22 Application Evaluation Is the application signed? Did the person print? WOULD YOU GIVE THIS PERSON THE JOB BASED ONLY ON THE APPLICATION?

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