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The Concept and Advantages of Creating an eBook Business Presented by Milt Zee SCORE Chapter 476 Staten Island, NY.

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1 The Concept and Advantages of Creating an eBook Business Presented by Milt Zee SCORE Chapter 476 Staten Island, NY

2 What is an eBook An e-book, or electronic book, is a digital book that you can read on a computer screen and other mobile devices Such as book readers, i.e Kindle and iPod, iPad, etc.

3 The Concept and Advantages of eBooks Can be downloaded from anywhere on the Internet.. No cost to reproduce. Get book within minutes. Easily updated No shipping costs Market is anyone on internet.

4 Why Create an eBook Generates Revenue Increases traffic to your website or blog Spreads your message – Viral Great for “How to” subjects Free Content available – Public Domain

5 eBooks There are two kinds 1. eBooks you want to give away for free. A powerful tool to market your product or services. Provides links for your benefit. 2. eBooks you want to sell. visit and search for e-Books also visit for e-book sales.

6 eBooks What If You Can’t Write You can purchase the right to sell ebooks. For list of resellers go to search engine and enter – ebook resell. For sample see Ideal for subjects related to your services or products on your web site.

7 eBooks Adobe provides the tools to create eBooks. – Professional Click link below – How to create eBook Using Adobe Professional ItQVw ItQVw

8 Writing Your eBook Office applications like Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and Powerpoint can all be used to create a PDF eBook as long as you have Adobe Acrobat Full Version installed on your machine. The biggest benefits in having your eBooks in PDF (Portable Document File) format (file- name.pdf) is that both Windows and Mac users can read your eBooks,

9 Upload a word file to Google Docs and save as PDF File and an HTML file.

10 Should I copyright my e-book Many e-book authors forgo the official copyright process, but depending on how you plan to distribute your e-book, a copyright might be beneficial. 95% of e-books are not officially copyrighted. The official copyright registration process can be completed in just a few minutes through the United States Copyright Office and costs only $45.

11 Selling and Delivering ebook You should use Pay Pal. The only cost. Sell from your website or ebay or Amazon. Once payment notification has been sent to you send the customer an e-mail with the e-book as an attachment. No paper, no cd’s, no mailing costs, it is all electronic transactions.. Prices are adjustable to suit the demand for the book. Most are able to make a good side line income. Some are making a lot more, based on the knowledge in the book. If the author has unique information, it will cost you more.

12 Listing can be Free on eBay You need to list your item only in the Everything Else > Information Products category using only the Classified Ad format. Your listing clearly states that you legally own the content (sometimes called intellectual property) or you are authorized to sell it by the owner, the owner’s authorized agent, or the law.

13 eBay – eBook Policy Your items can't have any sexually- oriented adult (pornographic) content Your item can't include software that would damage anyone's computer You have to be verified on PayPal to help confirm your identity

14 eBay Classified Classifieds Free State “Interested buyers can email or call you directly.” List your asking price. No bidding takes place. List your item for a specific period of time. You can revise item information at any time while the ad is active.


16 Selling an ebook on Amazon Any unknown author can put his eBook up for sale on who meets three basic requirements: 1. You own the rights to the book 2. You must supply an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). You can purchase an ISBN for $125 by using the application at application.pdf. Or, you can get a discount by purchasing a block of 10 or more ISBNs through the Web site 3. You must open an account with Amazon's eBook subsidiary, MobiPocket, and use their software to convert your file into their proprietary format.



19 How to Make an ebook without writing it yourself Kq4S1g Kq4S1g This video will explain many ways to make money with your ebook.

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