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1 CAD systems in Fashion and Textile Industry Jimmy Lam The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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1 1 CAD systems in Fashion and Textile Industry Jimmy Lam The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2 2 Agenda CAD background. CAD in Fashion & Textile industry Woven design; knitted design; printed design and fashion design CAD in Garment Production Specification sheet; grading and marker making 3-D body scanner Virtual shopping & e-Commerce

3 3 Computer Aided Design (CAD) Background (I) Emerged in the 1970s Original functions – drafting and technical For aerospace industry, car industry To replace manual drawing by computer-based tools. E.g replace typer-writer by computer-based word processing, MS Word Apply to garment industry in late 70s in: pattern-making, grading, maker-making areas WHY and How?

4 4 CAD background (II) The widespread use of CAD has enable design firms to be more efficient and competitive Today’s CAD software is available as either industrial or commercial Industrial software focuses on specific industry need and often cost higher than commercial ones

5 5 Systems used in Fashion and Textile design

6 6 In woven textile designs What are the special features need for woven textile design? Yarn dyes, plain weaves, jacquards or dobbies could be designed using CAD The designers can be employed by a manufacturer, design house, textile producer or work freelance

7 7 Woven design

8 8 In knitted design What are the special features needed for knitted design? Software is used to create and modify knitted fabrics and garment parts Some systems generate preview on screen of resulting design effects, with all stitch information

9 9 In printed design Are any unique features for printed fabric design? How? Involves the development and manipulation of a motif Repeat Generating colourways Colour seperation

10 10 Repeats Half drop and half tone are Unique CAD feature on textile printing

11 11 Colour separation

12 12 In fashion design Illustration system Texture mapping/ draping Virtual imaging Embroidery system What special features are needed For Fashion design?

13 13 Garment Production What CAD features are required for garment production? How it can be applied in cutting, sewing and production operation? Can it be used for production control, cost control?

14 14 Garment manufacturing (I) Specifications and Costing This systems store style information including: Flat sketch Size spec Trim requirements Size grade charts

15 15 Specifications sheet created by SpecView pre-production system

16 16 What are the essential Requirements for grading System? The system automatically produce pattern shapes in all the pre-specified sizes Garment Manufacturing (2) Grading Systems

17 17 Can computer marker system replace human judgement? Marker – arrangement of all pattern parts for max. fabric utilization The system indicates the percentage of waste Automatic matching of stripes and plaids is common to most systems Garment Manufacturing (3) Marker Making Systems

18 18 Websites of CAD Retailers

19 19 Questions What are the specific requirements on CAD system for 1) woven design; 2) knitted design and 3) printed design? What are the specific requirements on CAD system on garment manufacturing systems for 1) product specification; 2) grading and 3) marker making

20 20 Advanced Topics on CAD 3-D Body Scanner for e-Commerce Virtual Shopping on Internet

21 21 Electronic body scanning Advanced CAD for e-Commerce Why we need 3-D body scanning for e- Commerce? A new trend in customizing clothing After scanned, customers could used the measurement information for internet shopping e.g. ez-size

22 22 Applications for 3-D body scanner Retail E-Commerce Apparel Industry Clothing Design Anthropological Studies Automotive Design Ergonomic Research Computer Game Development Medical Applications Dress Form Manufacture Personal Fitness Industry

23 23

24 24

25 25 How’s 3-D body scanner work?

26 26 Example of 3-D body scanner From US TC 2

27 27 Example from Cyberware

28 28

29 29

30 30

31 31

32 32

33 33 Virtual Shopping Released by the military to show capabilities of scanning and 3-D viewing with garment application E.g. Brook Brothers’ digital tailoring m/ m/

34 34 Questions What is 3-D body scanner? What are the advantages of 3-D body scanner? Are there any limitations for 3-D body scanner? Why virtual shopping is still not popular in Hong Kong?

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