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Halloween By Sophie and Sophie.

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1 Halloween By Sophie and Sophie

2 What people dress up as Witches and skeletons Vampires and zombies
Mummys and black cats Ghosts and goblins Pumpkins and monsters Pirates and were wolfs

3 How Halloween Started Halloween started several thousand years ago with the Ancient Celts (a group of pre-Christian mystics who worshipped nature). They considered October 31st the end of the year and they threw a big party which was known as Samhain. It was a celebration of the autumn harvest and the Celtic new year, when they believed spirits could come back and visit with living relatives. Celts put out food and drink for the dead and left their windows, doors, and gates unlocked to give the spirits free passage into their homes. Some people believed if you left "treats" on the front porch for the spirits and ghosts, this would make them happy and they would not hurt you. Later, as Christianity spread, November 1st became a religious holiday known as All Saints' Day. The prayer that was said on this day was called Allhallowmas. The night before became known as All Hakkiwe'en, or Halloween

4 Halloween All over the country most kids celebrate by going out and knocking on peoples doors all dressed up and saying Trick Or Treat and if they do a trick they get candy.

5 Halloween history Ghosts, goblins, witches and fairies! These are the characters that take center stage every October 31st. Halloween is one of America and the world’s favorite holidays, a day for pranks and trick-or-treating, parties and costumes and just plain old fun. But what are the origins of this holiday? Where did these Halloween traditions come from, and what was their original purpose? The Haunted History of Halloween takes a look at the history and evolution of the holiday, with some chilling results! The Haunted History of Halloween would be useful for American History, World History, Cultural History, Religion and Geography. It is appropriate for elementary school, middle school and high school.

6 Pictures

7 We hope you liked our slide show BE SAFE
THE END We hope you liked our slide show BE SAFE

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