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The African landscape:

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1 The African landscape:


3 North Africa:

4 North Africa: The Nile (union of Blue and White Nile) Silt deposits
Physical Features: The Nile (union of Blue and White Nile) Silt deposits Aswan High Dam The Sinai Peninsula (E.of Nile) Suez Canal between Sinai and Egypt - connects Red Sea to Med. The Sahara: world’s largest desert Sand dunes and dry streambeds Atlas Mountains N.west side of Sahara (13,600 ft)

5 Oil & gas (Libya, Algeria & Egypt) Moroccan mines iron ore & minerals
North Africa Climate: Resources: Oil & gas (Libya, Algeria & Egypt) Moroccan mines iron ore & minerals Sahara coal, oil, natural gas 3 Main Climates: Desert (136 deg. In Libya) Mediterranean (mild) Steppe (between Sahara and coast)

6 West Africa:

7 West Africa: Coastal plan has lots of cities
Physical Features: Climate & Vegetation Plains & Highlands Coastal plan has lots of cities Interior plain people farm Plateaus & cliffs in SW Tibesti Mountains The Niger River = most impt. Flows into interior of region bringing life giving water to W. Africa Transportation and divides into channels swamps and lakes 4 Different Climates: Desert- Sahara zone Sahel- strip of land that divides desert from wetter areas 2) Steppe – varied rainfall 3) Tropical Savanna 4) Humid Tropical Resourcv

8 East Africa:

9 East Africa: Physical Features
The Rift Valleys- land arches and splits- volcanoes & thick rock The Great Rift Valley – E & W up to 6,000 ft. high Mt. Kilimanjaro- highest mtn, in Africa 19,340 ft. High Ethiopian Highlands: rugged with deep River Valleys

10 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya

11 The Ethiopian Highlands

12 East Africa Climate & Vegetation: Rivers & Lakes Some areas cooler climate further from Equator drier and suffer from drought Nth of Eqtor -plateaus, mtns, and highland climate, forests South of Eqtor: Tropical Savanna Rift floor dry with grasslands & shrub Areas of East highlands of I.O. are at a lower elevation – desert and steppe climates Nile begins in E Africa flows N. Lake Victoria Chain of lakes in W. rift valleys Some lakes near east rift so hot cannot even swim

13 Central Africa:

14 Central Africa: Central Africa- low latitude along Equator
Climates, Vegetation & Animals Physical Features: Central Africa- low latitude along Equator Humid tropical climate Nth and Sth of Congo savanna climate Large dense tropical forest – few light Gorillas, elephants wild boar & okapis, birds,, monkeys, bats, snakes, and insects Endangered species (hunting, logging, and farming) Landforms: Congo Basin Lake Nyasa (Malawi) & Tanganyika Rivers: Congo River- fed by 100s of smaller ones Swampy basin Zambezi River flows E. toward I.O. Victoria Falls Rapids and waterfalls – make it difficult for ships

15 Victoria Falls

16 Central Africa: Resources:
Good farming- most were subsistence farmers- now selling their crops Periodic Markets- an open air-market set up 1-2 times a week Forests provide timber Rivers- travel & trade Dams-hydroelectricity Oil, Nat. gas, coal Minerals- Copper, Uranium, tin, Zinc, Diamonds, gold and cobalt

17 South Africa:

18 South Africa: Physical Features: Climate & Vegetation:
Plateaus and Mtns: most of South Africa lies on large plateau (4,000 ft. above sea level) Escarpment: Steep face at edge of plateau SE Africa Drakensburg “Dragon Mtns.” 11,425 ft. The Okavango River – from Angola swampy inland delta Orange River flows to Atlantic Limpopo River flows into IO waterfalls Kalahari desert- most of Botswana Wettest = Madagascar (winds from Indian Ocean bring moisture) Savanna & deserts Veld- open grassland areas Driest = Namib desert on Atlantic coast ½ and in. of rain a yr. Tropical forests – Madagascar- lemurs & endangered species

19 South Africa: Resources: Madagascar- forests timber
Rivers hydroelectricity Farming Minerals (gold) S. Afr., Botswana, & Namibia diamonds Coal, Platinum, rubber, iron

20 Source Google Images HOLT World Cultures

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