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Careers in Retail Management

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1 Careers in Retail Management
Speedway SuperAmerica

2 Retail: 2nd largest industry behind healthcare
Why Retail? Retail: 2nd largest industry behind healthcare Over 1600 locations spanning 9 states in the Midwest Over 18,000 team members from the front lines to the boardroom 2.8 Billion gallons of gasoline in 2003 2.3 billion dollars of related merchandise sales Benefits of being a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Oil

3 Defined Career Paths Why Retail? Fleet Sales Treasury
Pricing Coordinator Marketing Training & Development Sales Accounting Finance Information Technology Human Resources Customer Relationship Safety & Security Diversity & Culture District Manager Trainee District Manager Advance District Manager Developmental District Manager Division Coordinating Manager Region Manager Divisional Vice-President Senior Division Vice-President One Path Many Others

4 Training & Development
CBT On the Job Training Classroom

5 Speedway SuperAmerica
Why Retail? Top Salaries Plus District Manager Trainees salary: $35,000 - $42,000 District Managers salary: $40,820 - $61,256 Advanced District Manager salary: $54,028 - $81,016 Region Manager salary: $71,396 - $141,648 Store Managers salary: $31,200 - $46,384 Customer Service Representatives wages: $7/hr + doe Every Position At Speedway SuperAmerica Earns A Monthly Bonus

6 Leading Benefits Why Retail? Sick Pay Plan
Tuition Reimbursement Relocation Assistance Vision Care Scholarships U.S. Savings Bonds Company Vehicle Adoption Assistance AD & D Plans Long term Disability Plan Health Benefits- Cigna, HMO, Blue Care, Health Plus, Aetna Life Insurance- SSA provided Dental Insurance Pension Plan –company funded ++Contributory 401K Plan Vacations- up to 5 weeks Family, Medical, & Personal Leave Paid Holidays & Personal Days

7 Why Retail? Culture A clear vision, mission, and strategically aligned goals Employee centered Customer focused Community involvement Understanding that our people and their development and success drive our business.

8 Career Growth & Opportunities
Why Retail? Career Growth & Opportunities Information Technology Finance Accounting Commercial Services Marketing Operations Sales Administrative Food Service Training & Development Customer Relationships Purchasing Leveraging People...Growing Success

9 Shattering The Stereotypes
Why Retail? Shattering The Stereotypes Retail is long hours- Successful retailers have learned to use people skills and time management to establish a true work/life balance District Manager- 8a.m. – 5 p.m. “40 hour work week” Monday thru Friday Store Manager- 7a.m. – 5 p.m. “50 hour work week” Monday thru Friday Marketing Support- 8a.m. – 5 p.m. “40 hour work week” Monday thru Friday Retail is low wages & no benefits- The retail industry is very competitive in wages and benefits. Attracting top talent is job # Store Managers can earn between $40K - $50K with bonus District Managers can earn between $50 - $80K with bonus Marketing Support can earn upwards from $40K to six figures doe Who wants to work retail? % of all jobs support or are directly involved in marketing and retail activities. The future is bright and getting brighter for those up to the challenge!

10 Successful Candidates possess……
Why Retail? Successful Candidates possess…… Superior Customer Service Skills Superior Interpersonal Skills Decisive Flexible Analytical Drive and Determination to be Successful Leaders & Team Players

11 YOU bring to the table… Desire to be successful
Why Retail? YOU bring to the table… Desire to be successful Fresh ideas and perspective Team spirit and sense of community and culture Determination to meet the demands of the marketplace Customer Service Orientation—What Truly Matters

12 WE bring to the table… Why Retail?
Opportunities to showcase your talents Opportunity for personal & professional development Recognition & Rewards Career Development Paths Challenge & Autonomy Collaborative Team Environments Company Culture focused on your Success Financial Security Job Security & Growth Benefits & Wellness

13 Why Retail? Why Not?

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